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Interview #122 Odds BodkinStorytelling in the Bardic Tradition

Interview #121 Leeny Del SeamondsExploring Latineo American Storytelling Influence.

Interview #120 Diane WolksteinPerforming the Epic Stories

Interview #119 Larry Brown One Story of Storytelling in Higher Education.

Interview #118 Diane EdgecombPlace Based Nature Storytelling

Interview #117 Tim Ereneta Bringing Storytelling to the Fringe.

Interview #116 Antonio Rocha Using the Language of the Body in Storytelling.

Interview #115 David Gonzalez Bringing Storytelling to Broadway.

Interview #114 Angela LloydThe Listening Way of the Storyteller.

Interview #113 Octavia SextonThe Jack Story a Traditional Tale for Everyone.

Interview #112 Sankofa, aka David A. AndersonHistorical Storytelling and Cultural Identity

Interview #111 Kathy Collins Comedian as Storyteller -Storytelling as Comedy

Interview #110 Rafe Martin Zen and the Art of Spiritual Storytelling.

Interview #109 Victoria Burnett Stories that Sing

Interview #108 Ruth Stotter Working with Props in Storytelling Performances.

Interview #107 Laird Schaub The Application of Story to Group Facilitation and Community Living.

Interview #106 Michael Reno Harrell A Conversation on American Folk Music and it’s effect on American Storytelling

Interview #105 Tejumola-Ologboni Walking the Talk with Street Storytelling.

Interview #104 Limor ShiponiStriding towards Storytelling Mastery.

Interview #103 David AmbroseThe International Storytelling Festival of Wales.

Interview #102 Brother Wolf takes questions from his audience on the Art of Storytelling Show on being and becoming a professional storyteller.

Interview #101 Brother Wolf takes questions from his audience on the Art of Storytelling Show on how to work with Audiences.

Interview #100 Brother Wolf takes questions from his audience on the Art of Storytelling Show on the future of the show and why he started the podcast.

Interview #099 Emil WolfgangCarrying the Pacific Island Storytelling Culture Forward

Interview #098 Ben NindStorytelling is Essential to Community Health.

Interview #097 Lloyd ArneachA Cherokee Perspective on Native American Storytelling.

Interview #096 Jimmy Neil SmithThe Future of the International Storytelling Center

Interview #095 Nothando ZuluParticipation Storytelling

Interview #094 Michal MalinowskiStorytelling Museum of Poland.

Interview #093 Gail HermanBuilding a Student Storytelling Festival.

Interview #092 Christine Carlton and Jenni Cargill2 Australian Storyteller – Examining the Skeletons in the Cultural Closet.

Interview #091 Sherry NorfolkWhy storytelling should be in Schools.

Interview #090 Doug Elliot Sharing the Passion of Nature through Storytelling.

Interview #089 Anne GloverFinding your Authentic Storytelling Voice.

Interview #088 Elisa Pearmain Teaching Forgiveness through storytelling.

Interview #087 Kevin Strauss Applying Storytelling to Environmental Science.

Interview #086 Carol MonApplying Fairytales to Business.

Interview #085 Baba Jamal Koram Storytelling as Responsibility.

Interview #084 Kim Weitkamp Reaching Troubled Youth through Storytelling.

Interview #083 Ben Sota & the Zany Umbrella Circus A Conversation on Showmanship.

Interview #082 Jackson GillmanRefining your performance Using Outside Critique.

Interview #081 Tim Tingle The Historical Truth of Native American Storytelling.

Interview #080 Jay O’Callahan Discovering Storytelling With My Children.

Interview #079 Ed Stivender5 Fool proof Rules for Successful Storytelling

Interview #078 Clinical Psychologist, Elaine Wynne Healing children through Storytelling.

Interview #077 Catherine Burns – Artistic Director of The MothDiamonds in the Rough – Coaching New Storytellers.

Interview #076 Bill Lepp How to Lie and not get Caught.

Interview #075 Loren Niemi Honoring Elders and Apprentices.

Interview #074 David Novak Storyteller’s Compass – Narrative as Guide.

Interview #073 Janice M. Del Negro Revising Feminist Folk-tales: Naming the Women.

Interview #072 Connie Regan-BlakeA history of the National Storytelling Festival.

Interview #071 Andy Offutt Irwin Entertaining children with out boring the grownups out of their skull.

Interview #070 Elizabeth Ellis Storytelling and the Development of Ethical Behavior.

Interview #069 Charlotte Blake AlstonBreaking Barriers using Storytelling

Interview #068 Dylan Pritchett What Makes a Great Storyteller?

Interview #067 Grandaddy June Bug Mitch Capel Poetry and Storytelling

Interview #066 Michael D. McCartyStorytelling and literacy in the 21st century.

Interview #065 Lopaka KapanuiMemoirs of being a Honolulu Ghost Tour Guide.

Interview #064 Dale Gilbert Jarvis How to collect true scary stories for Halloween.

Interview #063 Donna WashingtonThe Anatomy of a Scary Story

Interview #062 Thomas Freeze Why tell children scary ghost stories?

Interview #061 National Storytelling Network Panel – The Future of Storytelling Online with Rachel Hedman, Robert Kikuchi-yngojo, Mary Margaret O’Connor, Fred Crowe and Brother Wold as moderator.

Interview #060 Jack ZipesFairy Tales are still relevant to the children of today.

Interview #059 Jim MayStorytelling in Classrooms.

Interview #058 Mary Jo HuffEarly Literacy begins with rhythm rhyme & story time.

Interview #057 Michael Cotter – Farming the Heartland of American Storytelling.

Interview #056 Karen ChaceStory by story, building a school storytelling club.

Interview #055 Buck Creacy What makes stuff funny in storytelling?

Interview #054 Joshua SaffordTelling to the street – magic for eye.

Interview #053 Sally CrandallHistorical Storytelling.

Interview #052 Jan Andrews & Jennifer CayleyThe Power of Folk Tales in children’s lives.

Interview #051 Jeff GereHow you can Think Big with radio and TV.

Interview #050 La’Ron WilliamsSupporting peace and social justice through storytelling.

Interview #049 Jackie Baldwin – Kate Dudding, Storytelling in Schools a reference guide to educational programs.

Interview #048 Esyllt Harker Stories out of Welsh History and Land of Wales.

Interview #047 David Epley, Comedy and Storytelling.

Interview #046 Diane Williams, Literacy Development – Storytelling in the classroom.

Interview #045 Syd LiebermanTelling your Family’s Stories.

Interview #044 Baba the storyteller in LA Sharing the podcast revolution.

Interview #043 Dianne de Las Casas, Storytelling: A Safari into Literacy.

Interview #042 Joyce SlaterTelling to teenagers with newborns.

Interview #041 Alex Feldman Connecting Quickly (and Managing Behavior) through Physicality.

Interview #040 Priscilla Howe, Making a living as a storyteller.

Interview #039 Steve Denning, The knowledge-based organization: Using stories to embody and transfer knowledge

Interview #038 Bobby Norfolk The Brain is Hardwired for Stories.

Interview #037 Michael Caduto Stories about giving and receiving.

Interview #036 Margaret Read Macdonald Telling across language barriers.

Interview #035 Interview with the Yellow Springs Tale Spinners on forming a storytelling guild or working/study group.

Interview #034 Elizabeth RoseEmpowering teachers to use storytelling.

Interview #033 Tim SheppardThe moment of impact – the timeless art of inspiration and presence.

Interview #032 Heather ForestMusical Folk Tales for Children.

Interview #031 Mark WaglerReshaping classrooms with narrative pedagogy.

Interview #030 K. Sean BuvalaTelling to teens and tweens.

Interview #029 Fran Stallings Environmental Storytelling – Telling hope to inspire action.

Interview #028 Brother Blue Street Storytelling and more…

Interview #027 Karen Czarnik Conversation and songs for the timid singer.

Interview #026 Rachel Hedman, Co-Chair of Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance. Child tellers speak out: what they wish adults knew.

Interview #025 Onawumi Jean MossUsing culturally driven objects to create entertaining storytelling festivals.

Interview #024 Larry Johnson, Key of See Storytellers How storytelling in your school and classroom creates successful leaders.

Interview #023 Mary Margaret O’Connor, Owner of Digital Storytelling using emerging technologies with your storytelling.

Interview #022 Julie Mills, Festival Organizer of the Northern Kentucky Storytelling Festival.Building a successful storytelling festival at your library.

Interview #021 Carolyn Franzini, Director of the Cave Run Storytelling Festival. Running the Festival and How Storytellers Become Candidates for Telling at the Festival.

Interview #020 Steve Otto, one of the founders of the Chicken Festival. Bringing Storytelling to New Communities.

Interview #019 Cristin Thomas, Director of the Tejas Storytelling Association Exposing new audiences to storytelling.

Interview #018 Rev Victoria Burdick, M Div ChaplinStorytelling in Ceremony.

Interview #017 ETHNOHTEC Your highest vision and the niti gritty of your storytelling practice.

Interview #016 Ellen Munds, Executive Director of Arts Indiana. The A B C’s of Running Festival.

Interview #015 Eric James Wolf Going to the next level with your storytelling business.

Interview #014 Carol Birch Copyright issues and storytelling.

Interview #013 Cynthia Changaris Singing with Stories for Children.

Interview #012 Rick Carson Working with Fear and Children.

Interview #011 Bill McKelllFounding a Festival from Scratch.

Interview #010 Kevin Cordi Children telling Stories – Giving Children a Voice.

Interview #009 Kate Fox – Ellyce Cavanaugh – Zayanne Thompson Camp directors talking about storytelling with children at camp.

Interview #008 Stephen HollenImprovisational storytelling with children – Creativity and Children.

Interview #007 Jim FlanaganTeaching writing to children with storytelling and working with state benchmarks.

Interview #006 Judith BlackChild Based Stories.

Interview #005 Doug LipmanSelling Ourselves Outside the Storytelling Community

Interview #004 Lyn FordBreaking into Storytelling.

Interview #003 Medicine Story The power of Mythology with Children.

Interview #002 Jonatha Wright Cross Cultural Storytelling.

Interview #001 Mary Hamilton Learn about the “Working on Our Work – Storytelling Weekend”

Bonus Shows/website only shows no for sale or commercial release.

Special #002 Dovie Thomason Building Young Adult Audiences.

Special #001 Mark MoreyThe Art of Mentoring

Shows with Technical Issues…

April 23rd – 8PM ET – First Discussion on the future of National Storytelling Network with the NSN board – open to all participants. Where do you want NSN to be going?
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Joseph Brouchac. – The Truth of Native Stories. (Technical Problems – Failed to record the middle section of the hour will not be released.)

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