Donna Washington – The Anatomy of a Ghost Story

Fill out the form and press play to hear Donna Washington professional storyteller and featured ghost storyteller at the 2008 National Storytelling Festival. speaks about the Anatomy of a Ghost Story on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf.

Donna Washington professional storyteller and featured ghost story teller at the 2008 National Storytelling Festival.

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The Anatomy of a Scary Story

Donna Washington Writes…
Why do kids love ghost stories? I asked my eleven year old son this question because I have discovered that my academic and empirical observations about these sorts of subjects often bears little resemblance to the actual answer. He was good enough to inform me that he loves the fact that the characters are frightened and they have no idea what is about to happen next. He didn’t say word one about wanting to be scared. In other words, it’s the idea of the scary thing being someplace far away from you so that you can have a good scare in a safe place and then walk away and be all right. Just for the record, that’s what I thought. In other words, I agree with the expert.

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  • By Jonatha Wright, January 28, 2009 @ 8:24 pm

    Am I talking to Donna, or to Eric? Anyway, this is an interesting page to find for you both. I was doing a search for your mailing address, Donna. Sometimes they come right up. Most often I have to go through the email of our previous correspondence. That Tandem book: “Team Up! Tell In Tandem” is getting closer to publication. When the proof comes, I will email your article to you. But to get the copy of the book you earned by submitting an article, I will need your mailing address. If I am, in fact, writing to Eric, sorry troupe buddy, you must by your copy. Now I need to go listen to this podcast, I have it on my ipod. Jonatha

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