Welcome to the Android Revolutionaries…

Hi – Welcome to the Art of Storytelling Show Website.

In the last few weeks for reasons unknown the smart phone users have begun to listen to the show in large numbers – if this is you please let us know how you found us on your smart phone or mobile device. Over a 80,000 downloads in the last thirty days alone. Compare that to last year with a total of 26,000 downloads and you see why we are a little excited to see what is happening here.

We have a lot of content on the site so feel free to look through our show archive to listen to past shows or you can see posts organized by topics.

If you are an smart phone user and you have found this website
- thanks for stopping in and joining us As you can tell the show is on hiatus for the next little while. If you want to help support the show be sure to join our email alert list in case we get active again or have special events.

All the Best

Brother Wolf

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