Alex the Jester – Connecting Quickly through Physicality.

Alex the Jester on using the physical body to supoprt a storytelling perfromance.

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Connecting Quickly (and Managing Behavior) through Physicality.

Connecting Quickly (and Managing Behavior) through Physicality.

When telling for young audiences, even the most brilliant story is vulnerable to young audiences if the situation is compromised, or your delivery is not ideal for the setting. In this discussion, Alex reveals how his wild and mesmerizing style is methodically built, brick by brick. Small details can reap huge rewards, and you have the ability to make many improvements surprisingly quickly. Just a few of these nuts and bolts tips can add power and value to any performance.

Alex the Jester has toured through out the US and in fifteen countries. “He can make the stiffest of stiffs laugh” Boston Magazine. The New Zealand Herald described him as “Outrageous, Off beat and full of surprises”.

    Setting the table

  • What direction (s) will the audience enter? What about you?
  • stage space
  • Seating- who sits where?
  • Assign a watch dog
  • Common lighting mistakes
  • Collaborating with the presenter so you have your needs met.
  • The Introduction
    The Main Course -On Stage techniques

  • Any pro can energize a young audience – but how can you bring them back to stillness?
  • The Counting excersise (Dell Arte), a secret to mastering voice dynamics
  • Think of your “play list”
  • Techniques that don’t look like technique
  • The Proximity Principle
  • Weight on your heels vs weight on your toes
  • When to move, when to be still
  • Are your “sled dogs” pulling together?

  • Analyzing the dramatic finish
  • Recognizing the behind-the-scenes people
  • Giving back the love : Ways you can thank the audience
  • Understanding your place in the bigger picture

For more information on Alex the Jester visit…
On youtube – Alex in Russia


  • By Renita Boyle, April 27, 2008 @ 4:20 pm

    Thanks so much! I really appreciated the practical nature of this podcast. Physical presence and environment is such a vital ingredient in effective storytelling. I came away from this podcast with so much to think about that I hadn’t thought about before.

  • By John King, October 26, 2008 @ 2:50 pm

    Inspiring piece, Alex is extremely thoughtful!!! Makes me aware of a lot of the unwanted vs. intentional physical signals we as storytellers give to our audience. Very humbling… thanks you!!

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