Julie Mills – Building a successful storytelling festival at your library

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Building a successful storytelling festival at your library.

I think you will find that this interview can really help storytellers understand the librarians and libraries in their lives. If you are interested in storytelling at your local library this interview is must listen and if you are a librarian interested in having storytelling events in your library I would recommend listening as well.

—–More about the Guest…
Julie Mills began working as a Children’s Programmer at the Erlanger Branch of the Kenton County Public Library in August of 2001. Julie started with Preschool age children and in February of 2004, she began working as the School Coordinator. In this position she oversees all school age programming hosted by the Erlanger Branch, be it in the library or at schools.

As a former Elementary School teacher, Julie has always had a love for storytelling and has done some amateur telling herself by including stories in her work with children. She attended her first storytelling festival at Cave Run in 2002 and was entranced. Since then, Julie has attended other festivals including the National Storytelling Festival and the Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival. This was her second year directing our festival and she is thrilled to have the job. Julie is currently attending school at Florida State University through their distance learning program to earn her Master’s degree in Information Studies and plans to graduate in December. She received her BA from Northern Kentucky University in Elementary Education.

You can read more about the Northern Kentucky Storytelling Festival at there website: http://www.kentonlibrary.org/storytelling/


  • By miha blaga, March 14, 2010 @ 9:51 am

    wow,you just gave me a great idea!
    I also organize pijama parties and contests of sories,but a festival would be just greate!

  • By Brother Wolf, March 16, 2010 @ 8:23 am

    If you are interested in easy ways to set up storytelling festivals Interview #020 Steve Otto, one of the founders of the Chicken Festival.- Bringing Storytelling to New Communities would be a very helpful interview to listen too.

    I really need to have guest come on and talk about micro events in some detail. Interview #98 touches on this idea of successful micro-event set ups.

  • By miha blaga, April 6, 2010 @ 9:20 am

    Thank you for the suggestions.
    I will be very happy to talk about the micro events that I organize in my library.

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