Limor Shiponi – Striding towards Storytelling Mastery

ress Play to hear Brother Wolf speak with Limor Shiponi  on striding towards storytelling mastery on the Art of Storytelling Show.

Press Play to hear Brother Wolf speak with Limor Shiponi on striding towards storytelling mastery on the Art of Storytelling Show.

Limor Shiponi

Limor Shiponi writes…

Mastery is an ambiguous word raising the impulse of ownership and recognition, resonating something standing apart while representing a form of wholeness. What is it about mastery and mastery in storytelling that keeps me at this issue for so long?

For me, mastery is about inspiration, a northern-star I can dream about and act upon. I want to help my audiences, including myself, touch our stars for the sake of joy in life. I believe mastery leads that way and therefore I seek it, investigate it, I want to understand.

This is what I know: mastery lives in the physical world and it has an age; It lives in people. Mastery is not a degree or a title but rather a state of being, formulated by the work of a person who turns his search and art into his walk in life without even knowing he is on the path to mastery; until one day, it arrives.

How do you know? You feel one with story, with listener and nothing stands in the way anymore.
Time gives-in to your ability to craft it with each word, gesture or sound you make while traveling through a story told so many times before – told once again with the special group of people sitting in front of you. When you seek mastery, they are your companions sharing the path you are unraveling underneath their feet.

When mastery is present the story transcends its documentation, set free into full life. I see mastery in storytelling as magic – a performing art that entertains by creating suspension of disbelief in front of what is seemingly impossible or supernatural, using purely natural means like skill, knowledge, wisdom and love.

Since very young age I’ve been trying to understand how it is that people are fascinated from what seems to be there while it is not, trying to pass through the curtains and reach the back-stage of imagination. Eventually I found myself standing there and I can tell you what I know: mastery lives in the real world in the form of your own kindness, enchantment and glint in the eye. You get there if you are willing to acquire the skill and knowledge, walk the path and share the magic of life.

Limor Shiponi


To make a long story short…

I tend to tell powerful stories that kick you out of balance and then help you land in safety. I execute my work through performances, workshops, talks, consulting and writing for various formats. I’m constantly and deliberately pushing toward excellence in storytelling and receiving the recognition it deserves. Why? Because I think there is not enough amazing storytelling to go around. I believe humanity deserves its soul back, the permission to do our best and help each other speak the truth. I’m also deeply interested in the connection between high science, storytelling and politics. That’s on the blade side. To the Chalice: I love people and love listening to people. The amount of compassion people stimulate in me makes me an easy weeper, in joy and in sadness.

I prefer being my best and influencing others to be their best. It is the core of everything I do through the main disciplines I’ve studied and practice – orchestra conducting, storytelling & coaching. I feel at home in both eastern and western environments, conflicts are my play-ground for finding balance. Very few matters can leave me speechless or unwilling to participate, one of them is deliberately hurting and neglecting children, another is humiliating a person in a ‘friendly’ way.

I do many things in many fields which people find hard to believe until we meet and actually work together. This is not about boasting but about delivering the nature of my work and the way it is perceived by my clients. I’m curious about almost everything and thank goodness, this trait has not killed me until today. It just helps me to see a problem from many angles and find solutions.

Translating the above into professional jargon…

Some of the issues I speak about – social media and marketing, managing in time (you can’t manage time, it’s the other way round), storytelling and politics, branding (including self-branding and how to do it the right way), organizational culture, woman’s issues in the 21th century, learning.

Some of my storytelling programs – medieval stories, the nine female characters in Arthurian Legends and what we can learn from them, Israeli stories (different from Jewish stories), Mediterranean love stories, wine and bawdy stories, folktales from many cultures, wisdom tales. Most of my audiences are adults and at the same time I love telling to children over the age of four, teenagers and adolescence.

Smart Storytelling Systems™ – include ‘The Quest Master’ & ‘The Key’. The Quest Master is a tactical tool for generating better decision making between high profile professionals. The Key is a process for eliciting great sales stories, brand culture and language and fresh customer service.

Business & organizational consulting – marketing strategy, social media, buzzing, brand language and organizational culture. These are broad issues that narrow down according to the client’s request or my recommendation.

Writing & experience design – I teach copy-writing from a storyteller’s point of view, write and evaluate copy, cooperate with experience design and interactive specialists.

The amount of storytelling projects and initiatives I’m involved with will make this text way too long to read. My links will show you the way if you want to know more.

And… I have a request or a serious invitation really. I’m looking for people from the gaming industry that will be wild enough to design a new game from scratch, beginning from storytelling. Not story nor script, storytelling. What do I mean? Contact me.

Limor’s Storytelling Agora
You may find a discussion on this episode between several listeners and Limor here.


  • By Clare Muireann Murphy, June 25, 2010 @ 8:38 am

    Dear Limor

    what a refreshing delight to see this openly discussed here on your site. It is something I have been debating with silently inside myself. I have witnessed mastery, and seek to attain it further down the road.

    mastery is magic, as you say. The way in which an entire room full of people are simply held inside brilliant craft and mastery of presence allow for truly magical things to occur. I also think that this explains a lot about magic being referred to in old stories when a man or a woman can make a castle disappear etc…but that is another story.

    thank you for this
    in word and deed
    Clare Muireann Murphy

  • By Limor, June 26, 2010 @ 3:49 am

    Dear Clare,

    I’m happy to read your words and thank Eric for the opportunity and choice to speak about this issue.

    The idea of presence as in something you can fully sense, a physical experience, is indeed connected to magic and is indeed another story. Somehow I feel I’m going that way in my search.

    Nothing to do with wearing a wizard’s hat but more connected to the term suspension of disbelieve and what it has to do with the physical space created by a storyteller into the imaginations of his/her listeners.

    As you can sense, my thoughts are not yet fully articulated but they are searching :)


  • By Caleb, June 20, 2014 @ 11:50 am

    I know this is an old episode, but it was the first I had listened to in a couple of years. Eric, it brought me back to the show – and Limor’s words have totally convinced me to keep pushing forward to be a “masterful” storyteller. Thanks for your incredible inspiration!

  • By Gal Giberstein, April 22, 2015 @ 6:03 am

    great episode!!
    I love the story

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