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Eric Wolf – Taking your storytelling business to the next level.

eric wolf is the Host and producer of the Art of Storytelling Show.

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for $2.23 Going to the next level with your storytelling business.

Each level of development that storytellers go through has it’s pitfalls and limitations. How can we as storytellers avoid the pitfalls that have befallen those who gone before? In this discussion Eric Wolf and Steve Otto explore how we as storytellers can go to the next level in our practice as storytellers.

From beginners to experts, performers to marketers what are the most common ways that we accept our limitations instead of challenging them? How have others successfully risen to successful practice of storytelling? These are some of the questions that we look at in this hour long episode of the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Podcast.


  • By Patricia Kjolhede, August 12, 2008 @ 4:52 pm

    This is a perfect session for anyone wanting to know about the business of storytelling or just wanting to get viewpoints from 2 experts in the field. I was able to learn about the importance of the development of professional relationships, mentoring, coaching and support, social and professional contacts, a strong repetoire, and better business practices. This podcast is LOADED!! I will definitely take another listen! It is a very motivating piece for anyone at any level in their storytelling.

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