Stephen Hollen – Improvisational storytelling with children.

Stephen Hollen talks about improvisational storytelling with children.

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Improvisational storytelling with children; Creativity and Children.

Stephen Hollen writes….
Improvisational storytelling is a teaching tool that is a cross between storytelling that I have been doing for years and improv techniques I learned in my college days. Instead of aiming at oral tradition, it goes into the creative writing classroom to put “meat” on the three “Ps” – Person, Place and Problem plus one “P” of my own – Props.

By using these 4 “Ps” I help children in 3rd-5th grade unlock their creativity and develop the basics of a story. We work together to strengthen each piece and add depth and dimension. The fantastic thing is that the group develops the story in the form of the three “Ps” without even knowing it. The reward is at the end of the class when I can go from educator back to storyteller and tell the story that we have created together.

It is a fascinating look at the creative process and builds great involvement in the class as they work toward the reward of storytelling.

More about Stephen Hollen http://www.mvstory.org/?page_id=11


  • By Sharron C., June 6, 2007 @ 10:14 am

    I am new to this program. in my area reading is at a poverish level. I possess a MA in communications and I want to give something to the young people in my community. I am also the sole support of my family with an autistic/mentally retarded child * disable spouse at home who depend on me for financial survival. I should like to know more about this and how I can make this become a profitable business as well as a rewarding business. Maybe you can help.

  • By Eric Wolf, June 6, 2007 @ 2:54 pm

    Hey – Sharon thanks for commenting.

    I would suggest that you listen to the show with Lynne Ford.

    She talks about breaking into storytelling festival circuit it took her I think about eight to 15 years of work. The other resource I would suggest is the National Speakers Association.

    They write allot about speaking for a living. Needles to say – no cliff jumping long slow entry highly suggested.

    Unless of course your Bill Lepp

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