Memoirs of being a Honolulu Ghost Tour Guide with Lopaka Kapanui

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Lopaka Kapanui professional storyteller and ghost story teller at the 2008 Talk Story Storytelling Festival in Hawaii.

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Memoirs of being a Honolulu Ghost Tour Guide.

Most valued Family, Friends and Fans,

The Mysteries of Honolulu experience does involve the otherworldly and the supernatural. But it also explores the great mysterious essence in our own lives. It explores the wonder and privilege of being born and the mystery that has eluded man for centuries, where our final hours on this earthly plane are concerned.

More often than not, the road I travel in order to take people to that pinnacle is a rough and rugged one but at it’s conclusion is the spiritual Shangri-La that we all seek; the sustenance of the immortal ambrosia. The unique quality of this experience is that it is presented to all of you from the aspect of the Hawaiian culture while it also lends a keen insight to the belief systems of other local cultures as well.

Please join me and become a part of this great experience as we all, together, explore the Mysteries of Honolulu and this great mystery called life.

Mahalo Piha,

Lopaka Kekaikunanea’opele Kapanui

More about Lopaka Kapanui

Native Hawaiian, Lopaka Kapanui, has been described by many as one of Hawaii’s foremost storytellers. Following in the footsteps of his close friend and mentor, Obake Tales author, Glen Grant, he shares more than just Hawaiian ghost stories, he shares his knowledge of Oahu and Hawaii. Through his tours and activities, he weaves the tales of Old Hawaii with a passion and a mystery you won’t soon forget.

Myths of Hawaii and its gods and goddesses, legends of spirits and demigods, stories of mystery and hauntings… let Lopaka show you a glimpse of his world, where the “paranormal” becomes the norm.

To learn more about Lopaka’s work visit his website at:

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  • By Eric Arrington, April 15, 2014 @ 9:47 pm

    aloha Lopaka, I am planning a family reunion this summer and was wondering if you do private gatherings. I live on the Leeward coast and was looking for someone to give a history (storytelling) of the Leeward Coast. mahalo for you time.

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