Tim Sheppard – The moment of impact – the timeless art of inspiration and presence.

Tim Sheppard internationally known and recognized storyteller from British Isle.

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The moment of impact; the timeless art of inspiration and presence.

Tim Sheppard talks about how various traditions hold the responsibility of an audience differently. What is the moment of impact that storytellers can create and hold for there audiences?

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  • By Tim, January 9, 2008 @ 2:39 pm

    I’ve taught improvisation to storytellers for years… and a big part of it is the creative, spontaneous exercises and games that Tim talked about on the interview. But I always taught them with an eye towards crafting narrative in a collaborative and spontaneous way.

    To hear Tim talk about how storytellers in bardic traditions are totally present, and how we as storytellers need to learn to be authentically present in the moment with the audience… this was a connection I hadn’t made before. My teachers and colleagues have often discussed the Zen of improv… of being in the moment… but never made the connection to how that effects the relationship with the audience.

    Interesting to reflect that Tim’s description of the moment of impact resonated with my experience, I just never had the words to describe what was going on.

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