Michal Malinowski – The Storytelling Museum of Poland.

Press Play to hear Michal Malinowski speaking on the Storytelling Museum of Poland on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf.

Press Play to hear Michal Malinowski speaking on the Storytelling Museum of Poland on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf.

Michal Malinowski talks about the storytelling Museum of Poland on the Art of Storytelling.
A storyteller – shaman from Altay in Siberia at the festival of Intangible Heritage organized by the Storytelling Museum.

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Michal Malinowski
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The Storytelling Museum of Poland

Michal Malinowski writes…
The Storyteller Museum is a unique institution devoted to the collection, preservation and promotion of oral heritage from all over the world. Our mission is to save the vanishing examples of intangible treasures, acquaint new generations with the oral tradition of a variety of cultures and revive the custom of storytelling. Nonetheless, our attention is also devoted not only to tribal storytelling but also to contemporary trends in oral expression. The Museum has been the leading place in Poland to developed the storytelling revival movement. We have organized Storytelling Festivals and workshops in our location and other places in the country

The Storyteller Museum has an innovative approach to collecting and exhibiting different cultural artifacts by applying the latest achievements of digital technology. Our interests pertain not only to narrative texts but also to other indirect elements, such as gesture, movement, dance, sound, music, costume and body coverings. We have been engaged in work on various exhibitions, elaborating unexplored topics, such as African Griots: Local Knowledge -Global Polish Oral Tradition, A Panorama of European Oral Tradition, The Storyteller Museum supports all initiatives of transcribing oral traditions into tangible platforms. For such an end it has initiated a special program called Indigenous Writers, aiming to give the opportunity to tribal people to enunciate their oral art, so that it can be preserved in various forms, such as books, audio-visual recordings and museum digital displays. We are currently working on the book “Folktales from Burkina Faso”

Michal Malinowski – biography
Folklorist, writer, storyteller, computer graphic artist, born in 1966 in Warszaw,
graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Lausanne – Switzerland diploma in painting and computer graphics, started his career as multimedia artist designing animation movies in Switzerland and Japan. Simultaneously discovered his passion for writing which he has realized as animation script writer and free lance journalist for various magazines in Europe and Asia. In 1997 traveled to Papua New Guinea where discovered traditional storytellers and decided to create the new type of museum based on interactive technology presenting oral traditions and intangible heritage. In 1999 quit Japan in the goal to extend his knowledge in cultural studies and went for one year to Folklore and Mythology Department at Harvard University. After returned to Poland and opened in 2002 the Storyteller Museum in the house he built himself.

He has contributed to the beginning of Polish storytelling revival movement , organizing since 2002 various storytelling events
( storytelling evenings, workshops and Festivals in the Museum venue and all over Poland). He performed his storytelling programs life on stage, libraries, schools or since December 2007 regularly on the III Chanel of the Polish National Radio. Recently performed in the storytelling festivals and events in England, Spain, France, Italy and Canada ( He can perform in Polish, French and English).

Since opening of the Museum conducts folklore collecting works in Poland or abroad. His collection of the oral tradition from the Mazovia region contributed to the creation of the book

” Bajki znad Bugu, Narwi i Wis Å‚ y” “Folktales from Bug, Narwia and Wisla rivers”.

In 2006 his contribution for the preservation and development of culture was awarded a special prize by the Polish Minister of Culture.
He is a co-author with Anne Pellowski of the book “Polish Folktales and Folklore” published by the end of 2008 in the USA ( the book received the Aesop Accolade (an honorable mention) of American Folklore Association ) In the end of 2007 received the UNESCO grant to realize the exhibition about the Heritage of Amadou Hampate Ba and West African Oral Tradition. In the exhibition he hopes to demonstrate some of the ideas of future ethnographical museum display.


  • By Stories for Kids, December 30, 2009 @ 6:24 pm

    There should be more people like Michal Malinowski who have such a passion for storytelling and for the cultural history of storytelling. Michal commitment to setup and manage the storytelling museum in Poland should be commended. We should also not forget the other contributors, e.g. Anne Pellowski, Michal’s co-author (Polish Folktales and Folklore).

  • By andreathestoryteller, February 7, 2010 @ 1:02 pm

    It must be the Polish gens!! My full name is Andrea Blawdziewicz and I live in Argentina.I teach English and have been storytelling for about 10 years.I love stories and I love telling stories!!I speak Polish and would love to listen to some stories in Polish..any web pages to be recommended.Congrats!! on your work…
    I will be in Germany at Hieldsheim University at the end of February presenting http://www.theimpactofstorytelling.webnode.com
    stories are for pleasur but ideal for teaching a second language too!!

  • By muriel bloch, September 10, 2010 @ 11:11 am

    michal is a giant,
    michal is a fool,
    he is a world dreamer
    he is my friend for ever
    michel is a traveller
    through ages and techniques
    michel is an ovnik
    in our world
    we need him
    but he needs us,


  • By Rajagopalan, July 1, 2014 @ 12:35 pm

    I am very much appreciated your story telling museum. I am a folklorist from India visiting for brave festival from 7thJuly to 18th July,2014.I want to visit storytelling museum and i want to shre my folklore experience. send email and phone no to contact.

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