Talking about humor with Buck P Creacy.

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Storyteller ad Humorist Buck P.Creacy teachers us how to make people laugh.

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What makes stuff funny in storytelling?

Who Is Buck P. Creacy?
Buck P. Creacy is a homegrown Humorist and a Storyteller.
But that is hardly an adequate description of this very funny man. Buck P. has always used humor to make life better for those around him. In the process you can tell he has gained a passion for life and people himself.

He started his humor apprenticeship in Slim’s Barber Shop, Farmington New Mexico, at the tender age of 14. There he realized he could shine more shoes and get bigger tips, if he made his customers laugh. He is still putting a shine in peoples eyes and making them laugh.

Buck P. is also a real live “honest to God” Toolmaker,
with nearly 30 years in the tool room, working, consulting and teaching for the benefit of companies all over America. Sharing his wit and wisdom with some of the best known international companies in the world such as Toyota, Dresser Corp., Osram Sylvania and the list goes on and on for more than 98 companies. Groups both large and small love him.

Today his focus on humor is as razor sharp as ever,
but never malicious. He has chosen early in life to make his humor “safe” for any audience. Whether his audience is a group of first year students or industry team members or a family reunions, he manages to bridge the gaps with easy grace.

Buck P. sees the whole wide world just a little bit different.
And that difference is enough just enough to make you laugh out loud.

To Learn more about Buck P. Creacy check out hisi site.

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  • By Tim, July 31, 2008 @ 3:20 am

    Enjoyable interview, although the quote from E.B. White did come to mind: “Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.”

    Actually, it is fascinating to hear someone else’s process… especially from a toolmaker. (For me, the process is more intuitive). Buck has a great toolkit– for him– I’m not sure it will work for everyone. (”Exaggeration” may describe exactly the rhetorical tool Buck chooses to use at one moment in a story, but his specific choice of what attribute to exaggerate and when to add it to the story, is unique to Buck. (And Buck’s delivery is a big part of what makes his humor work, and not everyone should try to tell like Buck… they need their own style.)

    I wonder if any of your listeners have applied Buck’s tools to their work with crafting stories for young audiences (since Buck does not primarily tell to children).

    Using again the example of the tool of exaggeration… the choice of what to exaggerate will be different if your audience consists of six-year-olds, or teenagers, or adults.

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