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Zen and the Art of Storytelling Video Series

Over the Next month I will be releasing the video version of this email course available now on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Read the rest of this entry »

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Sally Crandall, Historical Storytelling.

Storyteller Sally CRadell is a professional teller of histoical proportions.

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Interview #053 Sally Crandall
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Historical Storytelling.

Sally Crandall writes…
I enjoyed with talking with Eric about historical storytelling. When I take on the creation of an historical story, I look at it as an opportunity to go back in time and explore places and people. The first story I told was about the 1913 flood, which changed the future for Columbus and for Ohio. I was sitting in my kitchen one summer afternoon when I heard a survivor of the flood, Ida Griswold, tell her story during a radio interview. I called her up, and, even though she shouldn’t have, she let me come over and spend a day getting to know her and see the house in which she grew up and which survived the flood. She pointed out the crack in the window caused by a floating telephone pole, and told me her dad never fixed it, and she never would either.

We spoke about some of the stories I tell and about their specific uses in the classroom. A few years ago, I spent several days in Cleveland at a Kennedy Center Workshop for teaching artists. It was a valuable experience. There I began to explore the idea of using the drama idea of tableau, or frozen pictures, with students to explore the history and characters in the stories I tell. I hope listeners call in with questions and their own experiences.

Sally’s Blog

Sally’s Home Page

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David Epley – On the Power and Responsibility of Comedy: My lil’l Soapbox

Fill out the form and press play to hear David B. Epley on storytelling with comedy on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf.

Doktor Kaboom (David Epiley) the great Kaboom him self.

Tired of the tin sound?
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Interview #047 David Epley
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Comedy and Storytelling.

David Epley writes…
Comedy is one of the most effective tools for imparting any information:

  • It actively involves the audience; laughter is not passive.
  • It encourages the audience to focus on the process; you must pay attention to the setup in order to get the punch line.
  • It makes the process fun.

All of these aspects conspire to make an event, an individual, or a particular subject
matter, more memorable. Think of your favorite Teacher, Storyteller, Pastor, Politician, Actor, Choreographer, et cetera, and you will see the truth of what I’m saying. Comedy can be used to educate, to alleviate tension, to Read the rest of this entry »

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On forming a Storytelling Guild or Work Study Group.

Press Play to hear this interview that was recorded as live! on 12/04/2007 with storyteller the Yellow Springs Tailspinners  and Brother Wolf discuss how to effectively start and form a storytelling group.

Press Play to hear this interview that was recorded as livel on 12/04/2007 with storyteller the Yellow Springs Tailspinners and Brother Wolf discuss how to effectively start and form a storytelling group.

I spent an hour talking with my local yellow springs Tale-spinners about how we function as a closed storytelling group. We are fairly successful at supporting each other and building on our past successes. I think you will enjoy the conversation.

Yellow Springs Tale Spinners storytelling Group Jonatha And Harold Wright, Lisa Holmes, Sean Dickey and Eric Wolf

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Eric Wolf – Taking your storytelling business to the next level.

eric wolf is the Host and producer of the Art of Storytelling Show.

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Interview #015 Eric James Wolf
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for $2.23 Going to the next level with your storytelling business.

Each level of development that storytellers go through has it’s pitfalls and limitations. How can we as storytellers avoid the pitfalls that have befallen those who gone before? In this discussion Eric Wolf and Steve Otto explore how we as storytellers can go to the next level in our practice as storytellers.

From beginners to experts, performers to marketers what are the most common ways that we accept our limitations instead of challenging them? How have others successfully risen to successful practice of storytelling? These are some of the questions that we look at in this hour long episode of the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Podcast.

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Rick Carson – Telling scary stories to children

Rick Carson Miami Valley Storyteller

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Interview #012 Rick Carson
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Working with Fear and Children.

Written by Rick Carson….
Rick has been a professional storyteller for almost 25 years. He specializes in mountain and tall tales, ghost and humorous stories for all ages. Rick is experienced in telling at schools, libraries, organizational meetings and festivals and in giving workshops and residencies. He’s a member of the National Storytelling Network, the International Order of EARS, the Ohio Order for the Preservation of Storytelling and a charter member of Miami Valley Storytellers.

It has been my experience that the scary story is one of the most popular genres. Children begin liking scary stories from about the age of 8 or 10, although the exact age varies with each individual child. Some children never like them. Scary stories seem to hold a fascination for adults as well as children. This is true for a variety of Read the rest of this entry »

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Kevin D. Cordi – Children Telling Stories by Giving Children a Voice

Kevin Cordi, storyteller, is speaks about storytelling wiht children.

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Interview #010 Kevin Cordi
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Children telling Stories; Giving Children a Voice.

Kevin Cordi writes…
Nationally known Professional Storyteller and Story Teacher Kevin Cordi invites you to join with him and Eric as we discuss, challenge, and encourage discussion concerning how we can provide a voice for children with storytelling and proven storytelling practices. Kevin is the co-author, with Judy Sima, of Raising Voices: Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes and according to the National Storytelling Network, “the first full time high school storytelling teacher in the country.” He has a Masters Degree in “Using Storytelling as a Primary Means of Educating Students” and is currently a PH.D Candidate in “Dramatic Inquiry and Narrative Storytelling” at The Ohio State University. He also has led a successful award-winning youth storytelling troupe called Voices of Illusion for 11 years and is the founder of both Voices across America Youth Storytelling Project and the Special Interest Group now called Y.E.S. (Youth, Educators, and Storytellers.)

What is most important is that when he was a teenager he found his voice with
storytelling. For awhile he was alone in his pursuit to be Read the rest of this entry »

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