Kevin Cordi, storyteller, is speaks about storytelling wiht children.

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Children telling Stories; Giving Children a Voice.

Kevin Cordi writes…
Nationally known Professional Storyteller and Story Teacher Kevin Cordi invites you to join with him and Eric as we discuss, challenge, and encourage discussion concerning how we can provide a voice for children with storytelling and proven storytelling practices. Kevin is the co-author, with Judy Sima, of Raising Voices: Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes and according to the National Storytelling Network, “the first full time high school storytelling teacher in the country.” He has a Masters Degree in “Using Storytelling as a Primary Means of Educating Students” and is currently a PH.D Candidate in “Dramatic Inquiry and Narrative Storytelling” at The Ohio State University. He also has led a successful award-winning youth storytelling troupe called Voices of Illusion for 11 years and is the founder of both Voices across America Youth Storytelling Project and the Special Interest Group now called Y.E.S. (Youth, Educators, and Storytellers.)

What is most important is that when he was a teenager he found his voice with
storytelling. For awhile he was alone in his pursuit to be a storyteller and to found out more about the art, he had tapes to guide him, but no adult mentor. He struggled to find his voice, but found it. Since then he has used this experience to help build a nation-wide effort to help youth find their voices. His student Michael Lovan, then Junior, from Hanford High School stated,

“Storytelling helped me to channel my emotions and my thoughts in a relaxing way and helpful atmosphere. By listening to stories I came to appreciate and understand how different people can be. There is a story for each and every one of us.”

However, how often do we hear these voices?
How often do kids hear voices of anger and violence and silence? Kids of all ages need to speak. This is why Kevin not only tells stories for kids, but includes them in almost every show. His interactive style of storytelling, entitled Ensemble Storytelling is a safe way to help kids find stories. Kevin has recorded professionally over seven CDs of student’s work. He is now featured on the Story-watchers DVD series and is currently working on an audio contract with Highlights for Children.

He also works on the building process of story combining narrative with drama and employing a special effective method first introduced by Dorothy Heathcote entitled “Mantle of the Expert.”

Kevin has been to over 40 states, England, Japan, and most recently Scotland. He is a Fulbright Scholar who according to the National Storytelling Network, has made it his legacy to promote storytelling. He has been asked by NSN to help lead the international/national efforts in mentor-ship.

Kids need to learn how to use their voices.
Adults need to take the time to listen to them. However, they need to do this in concert. What better gift can we give children than our stories?

In this discussion we will:
Look at why Voices have not been heard by Kids
How we can use Storytelling to Promote and Raise their Voice
New Storytelling Strategies such as Ensemble Storytelling and Dramatic Inquiry with Story
Questions and Answers from You
The Importance of Mentor-ship
Share a collaborative Understanding of Story

Kevin invites you to not only take part of this discussion
, but to work with kids with storytelling. It is a gift for you and the children. You can find out more about Kevin’s work at and (soon to be combined) you can find out and be involved with the international/national Story Box Project. You can reach Kevin at or from this website.