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Bedtime Stories from Brother Wolf Youtube Channel

Been working on these stories a while – I hope you enjoy this storytelling.

Eric Wolf

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The Top Storytelling Blogs of 2012

I wrote an article like this back in 2009 – there has been a lot of water under the that bridge and I rarely write articles for this bog – but recently someone twitted about that old post and I thought – what they heck might as well update my readers. Keep in mind that many of these people have become my friends, I apologize to any worthy storytelling blogger who feels excluded form this list.

By the way only four of these storytellers linked to other folks who are writing blogs on the subject of storytelling – bad karma for the rest of you… 3 of them are the top 3 listed. In this world with limited web resources devoted to oral narrative or any form of narrative at all – we have to stick together.

1. The Moth’s Blog

Wow – while my back was turned the Moth has been turning out stories and racking up rewards to the credit of those hard working folks at the Moth office in New york. If you have the chance get your self to a Moth event.

2. Granny Sue’s Not just Storytelling Blog

Granny Sue is a serious blogger – she understands and walks the Read the rest of this entry »


Storytelling Experts on Youtube

Storyteller Mark Goldman has been steadily collecting very short video responses from storytellers you know and love allover the country.

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The Woman Who Sold Winds & Other Tales of the Sea

Ralph Chatham The Woman Who Sold Winds & Other Tales of the Sea by Ralph Chatham
Available from Curmudgeon Story & Whistle Works
703-698-5456 email:
$10.00 + postage

Reviewed By Linda Goodman

I was particularly excited to listen to Ralph Chatham’s CD The Woman Who Sold Winds & Other Tales of the Sea, not only because it boasts a story that Ralph’s telling presented to perfection at March’s VASA Gathering, but because it was not recorded using the usual professional route. The stories on this CD were recorded with Apple’s Garage Band and imported into iTunes, all standard software with Macintosh computers these days.

The CD begins with an introduction detailing how “compost heaps and pounding in tomato stakes”
directly led to the narrator’s love affair with the sea. That love is clearly evident as one listens to Thar She Blows, a whale hunting adventure sprinkled with Read the rest of this entry »

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Bedtime Stories with Brother Wolf Episode #1

Yes I know I have to many ongoing projects – but I just not excited by them anymore… so lets role the dice together and see what happens…

This is the Story of Grandfather Rock as told bt he New England Native People…

If you are a regular youtube watcher please take a moment to go to the site and like the video – thanks!

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The Choice

The Artist’s Commitment

I promise to always remember my power, love, and intelligence as an artist,
and the vital role that artists have played in every culture and time.
I will never again invalidate any artist who is living their truth,
including myself, or any work of art that expresses that truth,
but rather ally myself with all artists to end our economic oppression, and enthusiastically encourage the creativity of every human.

Rational Island Publishers developed by the Re-evaluation Co-counseling Community. Bold parts added by Brother Wolf

Recently my friend Kevin Cordi published a nice dare on the Artists Commitment – I suggest you read his words –

I have had a problem with this commitment for some time – I believe that Read the rest of this entry »

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Second Hand Rose

Second Hand Rose Storytelling CD Compact Disc Review by Linda Goodman
Available from Ellouise Schoettler

Email: 301-951-1213 $15.00
Recommended for teens and adults.

Reviewed By Linda Goodman

This CD, recorded live at Strathmore Hall Arts Center in Rockville, Maryland in April, 2007, embraces an environmental theme: reduce, reuse, and recycle. All the stories on this CD extol these virtues.

The Thrifty Tailor is an ancient folktale about a man whose love for his beautiful coat prevents him from discarding it when it gets worn out. Creatively thinking outside the box allows him to preserve the fabric he Read the rest of this entry »

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