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Solutions to Email Problems

Receiving Email from Brother Wolf
Use the following guide to make sure you get the email you want to receive from us.
Q: I haven’t received the email I was supposed to get from Brother Wolf What’s up?
Q: I subscribed to The Weekly Alerts but I am not receiving some (or any) of the weekly emails. Help!
Our email delivery systems have been thoroughly tested, and The Email Alert’s are sent out every week. So the problem is most likely caused by something between us and you. The most common cause is automated spam filters that mistake our emails for spam (unsolicited commercial email) and block them. Here’s what you can do to prevent that…
1. Are you sure you have given us the correct email address? If not email us by clicking the email Eric button on the right at the bottom of the page.
2. Add the following addresses to your Address book or Contact list:
peace at eric wolf (dot) org with all the spaces removed.
wolf at eric wolf (dot) org with all the spaces removed.

This will prevent most spam filtering systems from blocking our emails. Specific instructions are available for…
1. Yahoo! Mail
2. Gmail (Google Mail)
3. Hotmail/MSN
3. Depending on how your email account’s spam filtering works, you may be able to add the above email addresses to a “white list” or a list of Allowed Senders (the terminology will vary depending on your email software). Better yet, you might be able to add the domain name “” to an Allowed Domains list. See your email software’s Help menu for details, or call for free assistance by telephone.
4. It’s possible that more than one spam filtering system may be affecting your email. For example, most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block a lot of spam before it gets anywhere near your Inbox, and some ISPs use aggressive filtering systems that block legitimate emails along with the spam. If you’re missing a lot of wanted email, you might contact your ISP and ask them to use a less aggressive filter. Or you might just ask them to white list “”.
Once your email gets downloaded to your Inbox, the email software installed on your computer may have its own spam filter that sends suspected emails to a special folder or mailbox labeled Spam, Junk, or Bulk. Check that folder for email from “”, and if you find one, open it and then “tell” the filter that it’s not spam. (Look for a button or link that says “Not Spam” or “Not Junk” or something like that.)
5. You may have accidently clicked on “This Is Spam” (or similar spam reporting feature) while viewing an email from If you do that, our email address gets added to a blacklist and all future emails from us are blocked. If you have a Blocked Senders list, make sure the above addresses are not listed.
6. Sometimes the Internet slows down and email gets delayed a few minutes. If you’ve tried all the other solutions, you might just wait a few minutes and try again.
Bypassing Spam Filters: Instructions for…
1. Yahoo! Mail
2. Gmail (Google Mail)
3. Hotmail/MSN

For Yahoo! Mail Users (
The best way to make sure you receive emails from Brother Wolf is to create a custom mail filter which will override Yahoo’s spam filter. This is easy and takes less than a minute. Here’s how…
If you’re not already logged in to Yahoo Mail (in your web browser), go to and log in.
1. Click on the Options link near the upper right corner of your web browser. (If you’re using the newer version of Yahoo Mail, click Options and then “Mail Options” in the popup menu.)
2. Click on the Filters link, which is either near the center or left side of the webpage, depending on your version of Yahoo Mail. (Then, if you see a link that says “Create or edit filters”, click on it.)
3. Click the Add button to open the Add Message Filter page.
4. On the Add Message Filter page, enter the following:
5. An optional filter name, such as “Brotherwolf”.
6. On the first line of the form, marked “From header”, select “contains” and enter in the text box (there is no space between the words in “ericwolf”)
7. Where it says “Then… Move the message to”, select Inbox (or wherever you want it to go).
8. Click the Add Filter button.
For Google Mail Users (

Adding our email addresses to your Gmail contacts guarantees that Gmail won’t accidently filter the emails you’ve requested.
If you’re not already logged in to Gmail (in your web browser), go to and log in, then…
1. Click on Contacts (on the left side of the webpage)
2. Click on Create Contact (below the “Search the Web” button).
3. Enter wolf at eric wolf (dot) org and peace at eric wolf (dot) org with all the spaces removed. in the “Primary Email” text box. The other fields can be left blank.
4. Click on Save.
5. Repeat the above steps to add peace at eric wolf (dot) org with all the spaces removed. to your contacts also.

For Hotmail & MSN Users – ( or

Adding our email addresses to your Hotmail “safe list” prevents accidental filtering of emails you’ve requested. If you’re not already logged in to Hotmail (in your web browser), go to or and log in, then…
1. From your Inbox, click on Options
2. Click on Junk E-Mail Protection.
3. Click on Safe List.
4. Enter in the address/domain text box, then click the Add button.
5. Click here to get a test email sent to you from us.
6. Return to your Inbox and check for new mail.
7. If you are still not receiving email from us, go to Options > Junk E-Mail Protection > Block Senders and remove any addresses that might have been listed accidentally.

For AOL Mail Users (
Adding our email addresses to your AOL Address Book prevents accidental filtering of emails you’ve requested. Add both of these addresses:
peace at eric wolf (dot) org with all the spaes removed.
wolf at eric wolf (dot) org with all the spaes removed.

NOTE: Your AOL Address Book is different from your Windows or Mac OS Address book.

Feel free to contact me if you need assistance.
My phone number is 1-937-767-8696

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  • #1 by Jim Boardman at June 30th, 2008

    | Quote

    I so enjoy your podcast. I can not count the times I have been inspired, challenged, and educated. The service you provide all of us who are honored to be storytellers is greatly appreciated. The possibilities for telling and the venues available are as a wellspring filled with ever flowing, chrystal clear and refreshing water. I thank you and wish you “good telling” wherever it may lead you and all of us compelled to share a tale or two and be humbled in the process of realizing the transformative experience taking place in both the teller and the listener. Again, I say thanks.
    I would also make this request. I want to know how I can simply choose the shows I wish to have on my ipod instead of each one automatically appearing. I am concerned that I need space for other additions to my ipod and do not know how to stop the flow of the magnificent information you continue to send to me. I do not negate what I said early in this mailing; only asking for a means of making choice. Thank you, Eric and may the light continue to shine on the efforts you make being an ambassador for us all.
    The Tellin’ Man

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