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Tracking Adventures of the Natural World

Adventures in living in the natural world.

Bring the adventure of the wild outdoors to your school. Using my personal experiences of wild America, I can bring the spirit of nature to your school. This is basically a lecture in wilderness survival presented through storytelling. Your students will learn the basic concepts of self-preservation known to indigenous children the world over.

I have personally trained over five thousand school-aged children to survive a night in the woods. In addition, I created a program for the San Diego YMCA that has trained an additional twenty thousand children in Southern California. I was the program director of the Free Spirit Nature Camp for many years and the founder of the Bank Street Schools Earth Camp. I love to get kids excited about spending time outdoors.

We are in the midst of a sea change in our thinking about the natural and human-made environment. It is clearer every day that we must change the way we do business, live our lives, and view the world around us. Let my storytelling illuminate this shift in thinking on nature, the human environment and the hope it embodies.

Today it is easy to focus on the environmental battles that are being lost or ignored, species forever gone, bio-systems contaminated, and more…. One hundred years ago the environmental movement grew by communicating the pure joy of what it means to be free and wild in America. My storytelling recreates that excitement and regard for all living things and highlights this continent’s unique and strong environmental ethic that is an American invention as original as the light bulb.

106 Carnation Ave.
Imperial Beach, Ca 91932
December 27, 2003

To Teachers, Educators, and Children of all ages,
I have witnessed the magic that Eric Wolf is able to bring into an educational setting. San Diego is a diverse, multi-cultural community and many of our students speak English as a second language. Eric has performed for over 30 of our schools for groups of 60 – 250 students, and he is always able to connect with his audience.

Eric has an energy and creativity that captivates the students (and teachers too)! His performances include a wide variety of stories that weave a powerful theme of respect for the earth and all life, and are highly entertaining. Eric’s stories reinforced the educational goals of our program and helped the students learn in a way that was both meaningful and memorable.

I highly recommend Eric as an imaginative and captivating storyteller. He is a pleasure to work with! Do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Zayanne Thompson
Outdoor Education Director
619-423-5850 x-107

Dobbs Ferry Middle School
502 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, New York 1522
September 12, 2003

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter on behalf of Eric James Wolf, master storyteller. Mr. Wolf has performed his popular storytelling program on several occasions at our annual Earth Day celebration. His mesmerizing style and delightful stories have captivated audiences large and small at our middle school. He is particularly adept at commanding the attention of our entire student body of more then 450 students. His talents charm both young and old alike.

The content of many of Mr. Wolf’s stories compliments the environmental and educational themes of our Earth Day program and middle school curriculum. His stories are not only entertaining, but include a lesson about living respectfully on the Earth and honoring diversity. His audience leaves with new understanding and thought provoking ideas, along with pleasure.

I highly recommend Eric Wolf’s storytelling program. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Sincerely Yours

Ellyce Cavanaugh
English Language Learning Specialist
Advisor, Middle School Ecology Club
(914) 478-5002

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