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Tall Tales of a Tall City

(Personal stories of growing up in New York City).
In this one-hour program, your students will hear absolutely true stories about NYC and be amazed and entertained by tall tales of my childhood. This program is designed to introduce the students to the genre of tall tales in the storytelling tradition. Other issues covered include dyslexia, ecology, species extinction, consequences of actions, and growing up in a city.

The tall tale tradition is an uniquely American cultural experience; ethnic minorities told these stories for comfort in difficult situations. Through our exploration of tall tales, we encounter American history.

Stories in the program include:
A Shark’s Tale,
Drinking my First Term Paper,
and other stories of NYC.
A great theme for an artist residency:

I have extensive experience doing storytelling residencies in schools, and tall tales make an excellent theme for such a residency. This type of storytelling can really catch fire in your students imaginations.

To see a copy of this shows study guide click here.

The Antioch School

Antioch School
P.O. Box 242
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
To Whom It May Concern:

What a storyteller! Eric Wolf has been to visit the Younger Group, which has children from ages six through nine, several times this year. He has such a range that he can bring anything we ask for, stories that liven up the children’s grasp of history, and draw them in to the experiences of children in the past, and stories that spark their sense of the fantastic as well. We have been fortunate to have Eric as a recurrent visitor. The children always cheer when I tell them he is coming. They like to interact with him, and he skillfully weaves their responses into his stories. They are spellbound, enchanted, delighted with his offerings. He makes the characters grow to familiarity, and he makes the settings real. He is a wonderful storyteller.

I believe that Eric makes such a strong human connection with his listeners that something good happens beyond hearing a good story. He provides a creative model. The children are inspired to create dramas of their own, and to create more of a story structure in their writing. After his visits, they tell each other stories! His stories are well researched, well shaped, and full of the richness of a good book. He holds our focus right up to the very clever endings, with just enough emphasis on the things the children need to get there with him, to their great delight. Not only does he tell a good story, he chooses a good story, knows what one is, and can’t wait to tell it to us!

Eric is a pro who works well with everyone, and who loves what he does. No matter how loose or reserved his listeners, he reaches us all.

Kit Crawford
Younger Group Teacher
Antioch School

The Antioch School

610 West 112th Street
New York, NY 10025-1898
August 10, 2003

To Whom it may Concern:
During my ten years at the Bank Street After School Program, I witnessed Eric James Wolf completely consume the children’s attention while telling them Native American stories. His ability to tell stories to all age levels is truly unique. I have witnessed him telling stories to an audience of one hundred and fifty children and adults on numerous occasions.

I highly recommend Eric James Wolf as one of the best storytellers I’ve seen.

Sincerely Yours,
-Terangi Harvey

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