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Peace Tales Worldwide

A Performance of Peace Stories

Worldwide there is a rich tradition of stories that teach peace. I draw on a wide variety of these for my presentations. For instance, the Iroquois believe that we are at peace when everyone is gaining in life. War, on the other hand, is when someone is losing.

These stories enable us to journey together and discover the principles of peace. They point to a road to be traveled, not a destination. Tales of peace remind us that seeking harmony is a life-long journey that is rich in the rewards of the heart.

Some of my favorite stories include…

Slops, a tale from Denmark in which we learn how to be a good neighbor.
A Blind Man and the Bird,a story from France that teaches us our elders deserve respect.
The Last Drop of Honey, a folk tale from China in which we are reminded that ignoring problems doesn’t help us deal with them.
The Four Wise People and the Tiger, an ancient myth from India that stresses that with knowledge comes responsibility.

I no longer guarantee that I will tell any particular story – just that I will focus on the theme you wish me to cover.

Additional Workshops:

I have facilitated over twenty-five workshops for the Alternative to Violence Program in maximum-security prisons around New York State. I have a rich history of experience to draw from in leading workshops on peace and nonviolence. I have many years experience teaching peace to children.

If you are interested in these stories, please order Peace Talesa book by Margaret Read Macdonald. This is the best collection of peace stories I have seen. I use her stories with permission of course.

To see a copy of this shows study guide click here.

Fort Street School Logo

To whom it may concern

On Friday May 6th 2005 the children and staff of Fort Street Public School in metropolitan Sydney (Australia) were privileged to be entertained and entranced by the skilled storytelling of Eric Wolf. The circumstances that brought us together with this talented and personable performer from the USA are an interesting story in themselves and I’m sure that Eric would retell it extremely well too.

In his performance Eric brought to life an eclectic mix of traditional and Native American stories as well as number of tried and true tales of his own. It was great to see the children both engrossed and engaged throughout the performance and many students were heard to be speaking about the “Storytelling man from the USA” for some time after he had gone.

I happily commend Eric Wolf, storyteller, to you as even from a purely entertainment angle he was great value but he provided so much more than entertainment and will be long remembered at Fort Street PS with great fondness. His stories have left with us life lessons that we will build on for some time to come.


Andrew Hewitt

Andrew Hewitt
Fort Street Public School
Sydney, Australia. 2232.

Hillside Elementary School
120 Lefurgy Ave
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. 10706
(914) 478-1771
May 12, 1996

To Whom It May Concern:

Eric James Wolf has performed at Hillside school on two separate occasions in the last two years. At both times, he kept the audience of almost 700 people entranced and engaged. Most of the audience was made up of students, many of whom were under seven years of age, and who were sitting close together on the floor of a large All -Purpose Room, and, still, you could hear a pin drop.

Eric James Wolf weaves his stories in a seamless and colorful way. He captivates the audience and keeps it involved and interactive throughout his presentation. Children and adults alike have only wonderful things to say about his material and his presentation. I feel that I can unhesitatingly recommend him for any audience.

Yours truly,

Marilyn Wishnie


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