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Fairy Tales Forever

A Fairy Tale for Modern Children.

Fairytales Forever are for modern adults and their children. These stories are designed to directly examine the core issues that we as modern people face every day. Each story teaches important skills and values that children need to learn as they grow up in our modern world.

That’s great — but do children like them?

Children can’t get enough of these stories! I have been telling these stories for ten years; I have performed them thousands of times. Now, for the first time, I have recorded these stories. The CD is set up with multiple tracks for each story, so you can play one track a night before bedtime if you want. This is a great preparation activity for reading chapters of a book together in the future.

1/2 hour Story One – Peter and the Magic Yo-Yo

A boy named Peter lived in a castle with his mother. You might think that very exciting, but Peter’s castle wasn’t so exciting, for it was empty of all life. One night, Peter had a dream; he dreamed that the goblins were coming and the castle was on fire. In the morning his mother gave him a yo-yp.

1/2 hour Story Two – Myia and the Sword of Light

A girl named Myia travels with her father and all she wanted was to settle down. Then, they were invited to attend the court of a land overshadowed by an extinct volcano, wherein lived the Dragon. Everyone in that country feared the coming of the Dragon. With only a a teenage girl to defend them….

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To listen to a Free audio Track check out the Fairy Tales Forever Website.

Mountain Laurel
Waldorf School

16 S. Chestnut Street
P.O. Box 488
New Paltz, NY 12561
845-255-0033, ext. 322 for Cathryn Bump

December 20, 2003

To whom it may concern,
I have asked to write a reference for Eric Wolf in terms of his storytelling abilities with children and adults. Having had the pleasure firsthand of experiencing Eric “hold” an audience of children with the depth of his inner feeling for the life of the story he is telling and his dramatic way of retelling them, I can only express my regret that he has chosen to move so far away from us! In our Waldorf teaching work, we are also trained as storytellers and do that work with our children on a daily basis. So when a gifted storyteller is within our midst, we sit back, cherish, learn and enjoy being with them. Eric is such a tale spinner!

Anyone can read from a book… can “memorize” a story and retell it. However, there are few who can “live and feel” that story for and with you in the retelling and take you back to when electronic devices were not around! and the gifts came from the mouths of men and women directly to their audience.

I wish for all of you an opportunity to partake in this experience with Eric.

Any questions, please contact me at the work number above.

Onward towards your dreams,

Cathryn R. Bump


To whom it may concern:

It brings me great pleasure to recommend Eric Wolf and his bag of stories to any audience.

I have watched Eric entertain and educate small and large groups of children and adults through the telling of a wide range of fascinating stories.

No matter what the size of a group, 12-250, Eric has a magical way of engaging every person. His use of voice and body, accompanied by a great passion for his stories and the art of storytelling, keep any audience in awe no matter what their experience in life.

I thoroughly recommend Eric Wolf and his brand of story telling to any group. If you have questions or would like to speak with me please feel free

Simon Hansen
Program Director
YMCA Camp Marston and Raintree Ranch

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