Elizabeth Rose knows how to use storytelling in school settings and how to make the case for storytelling.

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Elizabeth Rose

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Elizabeth Rose writes…
In this podcast I hared my ideas on how to use storytelling in the classroom in a realistic way in order to help teach the mandated state curriculum. Many of the skills that teachers are held accountable for can be taught with the use of storytelling. Children respond to stories in the narrative form. Many teachers do not believe in their own storytelling abilities. More teachers need to be empowered to test their storytelling skills with their classes; the rewards are great.

Children also have the capability of becoming great storytellers. So many skills can be learned through storytelling such as plot, sequencing, vocabulary, story structure, characterization, point of view, figurative language, listening skills, the list goes on and on and on. Elizabeth will discuss the value of having youth storytelling clubs and educating more people about the opportunities for youth storytellers, such as the National Youth Storytelling Showcase.

Elizabeth Rose telling stories at a school.


Elizabeth Rose is currently the co-chair to the YES sig, which is Youth and Educators in Storytelling. This is one of the NSN special interest groups. She represent the Class part of the sig. Rachel Hedman represents the Youth portion. She is also currently the director for the National Youth Storytelling Showcase which takes place February 7 – 9 in Pigeon Forge, TN, and the NSN State Liasion for Tennessee.

Elizabeth Rose has been in education for the past 22 years, teaching grades kindergarten through 8th grade and is currently in administration. Throughout her career she has always used the power of story in her classroom no matter the age of the children. She uses storytelling as a hook, to help children see past the printed words on the page, to help children find meaning in their own writing, as a way to help children improve their oral language skills, and to simply entertain.

Elizabeth shares stories with wit, humor and expressive enthusiam. Her stories include a blend of traditional southern folklore, faity tales, ghost stories, ballads, and folktales from around the world. She has the ability to mesmerize her listeners, transporting them through her image-laden tales of other times and cultures. She has thrilled children and adults alike with her vivacious storytelling in classrooms, festivals, and conferences around the country. She is truly captivating in voice and presentation.

Some Links mentioned on the show
National Youth Storytelling Showcase on Feb 7th and 8th 2008.

Elizabeth Rose – Storyteller