Doug Lipman speak about Marketing as Artists outside the Storytelling Community

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Selling Ourselves Outside the Storytelling Community.

Why is marketing hard for storytellers?

For one thing, we’re up against a hard situation. Like all artists, we do important work: imagining and communicating what human beings are like and can become. Yet, as invaluable as we are to society, we are not rewarded well or supported well. We are even expected to be both artists and marketers. Few people master two such careers!

Also, like many in our society, we misunderstand the nature of marketing. Because many of us think that marketing is “selling things to people who don’t want them,” we are often reluctant to take the steps that would let society benefit from our work.

Once we understand what true marketing is and does, we can use it to gain eager partners in our important and unjustly difficult work.

*The Truth About Marketing*

Most of the mass marketing we see around us is probably not good marketing – and it’s certainly nothing like what would make sense for a storyteller. It is based on convincing large numbers of individuals that they need a single, mass-produced product. Even in business circles, there is a growing awareness that such large-scale, impersonal marketing is being replaced in many arenas by individualized marketing based on relationships.

The first truth about good marketing is that it is not impersonal, not heartless, not manipulative.
It aims to inform those who want something that we have it to offer! It aims to meet individualized needs.

The second truth about marketing is that it starts from our uniqueness. We have something to offer the world that is different from what anyone else has to offer. The role of marketing is to respectfully inform those who want us that we are available.

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