Rachel Hedman spoke about working with storytelling and children.

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Child tellers speak out: what they wish adults knew.

One of the most touching storytelling interviews I have done to date. I love the passion in Rachel’s voice and storytelling as she tells the story of Black socks. I hope you are inspired in your work with child storytellers.

——-Rachel writes…
Child tellers often have silent wishes regardless if they attend elementary, middle, or high school. When given the chance to speak, these are the top three wishes:

1. Wish to meet other child tellers
2. Wish to have friends rather than coaches
3. Wish to be leaders

Perhaps you will be the one to help grant these wishes.

Wish to meet other child tellers
Children are lucky if they attend a school that has a storytelling club. Sometimes “storytelling club” comes under such guises as 4H groups, Forensics (public-speaking contests), or theatre. Storytelling may not be the pure focus of these Read the rest of this entry »

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