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Coaching Youth Storytellers by Kevin Cordi

Kevin Cordi tells stories in a school.

By Kevin Cordi

As you continue to work with students they will to come to you to help them with their stories At this point you take on the role of the student’s “coach.” However, unlike a football or volleyball coach where he or she is concerned about the team, the storytelling coach gears their session based not on a group’s need, but the teller. The term coach can also in some cases illicit bad memories of someone who berated another for their inability or inexperience. This is not the role of the Storytelling Coach. A Storytelling Coach assists the teller in finding Read the rest of this entry »

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A Smaller Voice Can Make A Loud Sound by Kevin Cordi

Kevin Cordi has organized tellabration for over nine years.
By Kevin D. Cordi

For Peggy O’Sullivan. As a producer for over nine Tellabrations I want to share with you what has lately spiced up our Tellabrations. It is the sound of little voices with larger ones, in others words, I have had the privilege of helping direct a completely student organized Tellabration.

For the last three years we have made our Tellabration thematic. Our theme last year was “From the Trails to the Tales, The Gold is still in California.” Over 200 student performers and five adult professional storytellers share in the celebration of the stories of California. We had a four-year-old open the Read the rest of this entry »

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Stephen Hollen – Improvisational storytelling with children.

Stephen Hollen talks about improvisational storytelling with children.

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Interview #008 Stephen Hollen
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Improvisational storytelling with children; Creativity and Children.

Stephen Hollen writes….
Improvisational storytelling is a teaching tool that is a cross between storytelling that I have been doing for years and improv techniques I learned in my college days. Instead of aiming at oral tradition, it goes into the creative writing classroom to put “meat” on the three “Ps” – Person, Place and Problem plus one “P” of my own – Props.

By using these 4 “Ps” I help children in 3rd-5th grade unlock their creativity and develop the basics of Read the rest of this entry »

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Jim Flanagan – Storytelling and Writing are Intertwined.

Jim Flanagan demonstrating that art happans to the best storytellers

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Interview #007 Jim Flanagan
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Teaching writing to children with storytelling and working with state benchmarks.

Jim Flanagan writes…
To tell a story, you must write it down.
Before you tell it, you must have a point of reference, an outline, and hen scratching a script.

After you tell the story, you refine, and you refine your written story too.

Writing a story leads the teller to be able to see if the tale flows, if it makes sense,

The writing defines the beginning, middle and end. You look at the words and play with the vocabulary and the phrases. You see where in the story, you will have to add emphasis. (You might even insert the directions to change your voice)

I would suggest you read it to someone, they act it out. This acting helps you see what you left out or the jumps in the story.

You tell the story and see how it relates to the written tale. If you revise or change a part put that into the written story. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lyn Ford – Breaking into Storytelling

Lyn ford storyteller talks about Breaking into Storytelling

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Interview #004 Lyn Ford
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Breaking into Storytelling.

Lyn Ford Writes…
“Breaking” into storytelling isn’t quite the description that fits the beginnings of my career. It was more like leaping off the edge of a cliff, with all the materials to build a strong glider that would carry me wherever I should go, but no blueprint or directions on how to build the thing. I had to trust that I would create both the blueprint and the directions, and be able to make the glider, as I headed toward solid ground. Scary, exciting, and very educational!

My mind and heart were filled with stories from my family’s oral tradition, but storytelling as a career hadn’t occurred to me. Our kids, now grown, volunteered my stories in their classrooms (bless their little hearts!); the experience Read the rest of this entry »

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Jonatha Wright – Cross Cultural Storytelling

Jonatha Wright speaks about cross cultural storytelling.

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Interview #002 Jonatha Wright
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Cross Cultural Storytelling.

Jonatha Wright writes…
Probably we are all aware of the cultural confusions and misconceptions that become evident daily in this world of instant updates. It has become the stuff of novels, movies and the nightly news. These errors in sensitivity can hurt feelings, and cause outright insults and rage in the offended.

*How can we avoid some of these mistakes?

As storytellers, we often aim high at bridging these cultural gaps with an appropriate and well-told story. This is a worthy goal and an attainable one. However, we must do Read the rest of this entry »

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