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CD Review – Blarney

cover-blarney Available from Yvonne Healy, 5193 King Road, Howell, MI 48843, Phone: 810-813-3000.
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$14.00 (includes shipping & handling)

Reviewed By Linda Goodman

A citizen of two cultures, Irish and American, Yvonne Healy spoke both the Irish and English languages until she started elementary school. After that, Irish was her parents’ secret language, used to discuss things forbidden to children’s ears. From this world of diversity, cultural respect, and unspoken secrets was born one of America’s most endearing storytellers.

A little bit Ireland and a little bit USA, Healy’s stories have Read more »

La’Ron Williams on Supporting Peace and Social Justice through Storytelling.

La'Ro Williams Peace storyteller and intercultural represetative to and of the world.

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Interview #050 La’Ron Williams
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Supporting peace and social justice through storytelling.

You can learn more about La’Ron Williams at the Michigan Arts and Humanities webpage at:

Karen Czarnik – Conversation and songs for the timid singer.

Karen Czarnik speaks about using songs with storytelling to teach children in libraries, schools and at home.

Tired of the tin sound?
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Interview #027 Karen Czarnik
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Conversation and songs for the timid singer.

Karen Czarnik is an amazing singer and storyteller in her own right. I saw her present a workshop on this topic at the Ohio Storytelling conference and was so impressed with her I had to being her on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf so that she could free up all of our voices for singing…

—–Karen Czarnik wirtes…
Although most people love to sing, not everyone feels confident singing in public. We sing in the car, sing in the shower and we sing when we are alone. Everyone has a primitive connection to sound, song and rhythm. Rhythm, sound and pattern are in all things made natural by our earth and our maker. It is instinctive that we make sound and music. It is instinctive that we sing.

As performers we have the opportunity to ignite an audience with poignant, inspirational, or amusing stories and songs. We do however encounter audiences who are sometimes reluctant to Read more » | WordPress Themes