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Karen Czarnik – Conversation and songs for the timid singer.

Karen Czarnik speaks about using songs with storytelling to teach children in libraries, schools and at home.

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Interview #027 Karen Czarnik
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Conversation and songs for the timid singer.

Karen Czarnik is an amazing singer and storyteller in her own right. I saw her present a workshop on this topic at the Ohio Storytelling conference and was so impressed with her I had to being her on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf so that she could free up all of our voices for singing…

—–Karen Czarnik wirtes…
Although most people love to sing, not everyone feels confident singing in public. We sing in the car, sing in the shower and we sing when we are alone. Everyone has a primitive connection to sound, song and rhythm. Rhythm, sound and pattern are in all things made natural by our earth and our maker. It is instinctive that we make sound and music. It is instinctive that we sing.

As performers we have the opportunity to ignite an audience with poignant, inspirational, or amusing stories and songs. We do however encounter audiences who are sometimes reluctant to Read more »

Julie Mills – Building a successful storytelling festival at your library

Library Photo.

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Interview #022 Julie Mills
Festival Organizer of the Northern Kentucky Storytelling Festival.
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Building a successful storytelling festival at your library.

I think you will find that this interview can really help storytellers understand the librarians and libraries in their lives. If you are interested in storytelling at your local library this interview is must listen and if you are a librarian interested in having storytelling events in your library I would recommend listening as well.

—–More about the Guest…
Julie Mills began working as a Children’s Programmer at the Erlanger Branch of the Kenton County Public Library in August of 2001. Julie started with Preschool age children and in February of 2004, she began working as the Read more »

Carol Birch – Talking about Copyright issues.

Carol Birch speaks about copyright issues and how they apply to storytellers and storytelling.

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Interview #014 Carol Birch
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Copyright issues and storytelling.

Carol Birch writes…
“More opportunities equal more responsibilities” is a simple explanation of copyright. As a librarian, I can read or tell stories to children in the library or as part of a school visit. Fair use also permits me to tell stories in classrooms where I teach graduate students. Responsibilities change when I’m hired as a storyteller, then acting ethically means seeking permission. However, Catch 22’s abound.

Clearing performance rights is the first thing to do, when seriously considering a story penned by another. Unfortunately, the first thing publishers and agents ask for are the date(s) and time(s) a story is to be performed. And who knows?

For more information on this topic, listen to the podcast and read an article that will be published in UP FOR DISCUSSION in School Library Journal, August, 2007. We’ve got to work together to establish some precedents to which we can all refer when we contact publishers.

Carol Birch Storyteller – website.

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