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Mary Jo Huff – Early Literacy Begins with Rhythm Rhyme & Story Time.

Storyteller Mary Jo Huff with her puppet during a performance.

Interview #058 Mary Jo Huff
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Early Literacy begins with rhythm rhyme & story time.

Mary Jo writes…
Language is critical for literacy development and storytelling
creates an interactive bridge. Music, repeated phrases, and actions provide connections and invite participation by children when they become part of the storytelling event.

Working in schools demands that the storyteller is tuned into the state literacy standards. Storytelling connects many types of standards but I am only concentrating on the literacy connection. A good story challenges a child’s auditory, visual, and kinesthetic skills along with a phonemic awareness.

Performing in schools as a storyteller gives a teller the opportunity to address some Read the rest of this entry »

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Syd Lieberman – Telling your Family’s Stories

Syd Lieberman - an amazing storyteller

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Interview #045
Syd Lieberman
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Telling your Family’s Stories.

Bio From Syd’s Website
Syd Lieberman is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, an award-winning teacher, and an author. He has appeared at major storytelling festivals across the Read the rest of this entry »

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Ellen Munds – The A B C’s of Running a Storytelling Festival.

Ellen Munds speaks about the A B C's of running a storytelling festival on the national level.

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Interview #016 Ellen Munds, Executive Director of Arts Indiana.
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The A B C’s of Running Festival.

Ellen Munds Writes..
In this interview we cover how to;

  1. 1. Create your mission statement or why you want to do a festival
  2. 2. Determine your target audience
  3. 3. Details such as indoor or outdoor, specific site for an event, accessibility, design and traffic flow of the site
  4. 4. Artistic Elements
  5. 5. Marketing and Public Relations
  6. 6. Funding
  7. 7. Budget
  8. 8. Volunteers
  9. 9. Care and Feeding of the storytellers, sponsors and volunteers
  10. 10. Evaluation of your Festival.

This interview should be heard by all members of the national storytelling network who are interested in running or creating there own storytelling festival. Storytellers who are serious about working the festival circuit should consider this episode required listening.

Ellen Munds is the executive director of Storytelling Arts
of Indiana and one of three co-founders. She has served as the chair of the Read the rest of this entry »

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