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Jack Zipes – Are fairy tales still useful to Children?

Fill out the form and press play to hear Jack Zipes the preeminent writer about and translator of fairytales appear on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf.

Jack Zipes master of fairytales and author of a many books no fairytales
Jack Zipes in the Flesh.

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Interview #060 Jack Zipes
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Fairy Tales are still relevant to the children of today.

Jack Zipes writes…
At their best, the storytelling of fairy tales constitute the most profound articulation of the human struggle to form and maintain a civilizing process. They depict metaphorically the opportunities for human adaptation to our environment and reflect the conflicts that arise when we fail to establish civilizing codes commensurate with the self-interests of large groups within the human population. The more we give into base instincts – base in the sense of basic and depraved – the more criminal and destructive we become. The more we learn to relate to other groups of people and realize that their survival and the fulfillment of their interests is related to ours, the more we might construct social codes that guarantee humane relationships. Fairy tales are uncanny because they tell us what we need and they unsettle us by showing what we lack and how we might compensate for lack.

Fairy tales hint of happiness. This hint, what Ernst Bloch has called the anticipatory illumination, has constituted their utopian appeal that has a strong moral component to it. We do not know happiness, but we instinctually know and feel that it can be created and perhaps even defined. Fairy tales map out possible Read more »

Mark Morey – The Art of Mentoring

Press Play to hear this interview that was recorded as a conference call on March 4th at 8PM ET when I spoke with Mark Morey talks about the Art of Mentoring.

Press Play to hear this interview that was recorded as a conference call on March 4th at 8PM ET when I spoke with Mark Morey on the Art of Mentoring.

For more information on Mark Morey Checkout his website and the Institute for Natural Learning that he runs. Also be sure to attend the Art of Mentoring class in Vermont that he helps put on every year.

Michael J. Caduto – Stories About Giving and Receiving

Michael J. Caduto speaks about how storytelling is a personal and relative process.

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Michael Caduto
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Stories about giving and receiving.

Michael J. Caduto writes…

I always start my storytelling performances by focusing on the circles and cycles that we share. Storytelling is a circle: a story needs someone to speak the words and a listener to imagine the story into being. This vital exchange breathes life into stories as they become animated in our mind’s eye. So the gift of storytelling is a mutual experience – an exchange of wisdom and a mindful act of creation.

There is also the circle of our gathering; of giving and receiving; in which everyone is arranged in a shape which symbolizes reciprocity and reminds us that we are all in balance. Whatever we share goes around between us all.

The circle is also a symbol our relationship of giving and receiving with the natural world.
Everything in nature works in cycles. The basic principles of ecology and sustainable natural processes are based on exchanges of minerals, carbohydrates, genes, gases and other life-sustaining elements. Without this essential mutuality, ecosystems, and the life therein, could not survive. These are the cycles that we must live within in order to Read more »

Fran Stallings talking about environmental storytelling…

Fran Stallings is a committed environmental storyteller who has practiced earth storytelling all over the world.

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Interview #029 Fran Stallings
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Environmental Storytelling; Telling hope to inspire action.

Fran Stallings writes…
My main concern with this topic is the observation that many of our Environmental tales are DOWNERS. While our storytelling ancestors probably used them as Read more »

Victoria Burdick – Storytelling in Ceremony

Victoria Burdick speaks on storytelling in Ceremony.

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Interview #018
Rev Victoria Burdick

M Div Chaplin
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Storytelling in Ceremony.

She writes on her website…
Inter-faith ceremony is an opportunity to merge the richness of our traditions and deepen our understanding and faith through the open doors of diversity. Beyond my accredited Masters of Divinity from a Christian University, I have been blessed with a vast exposure to great teachers; the greatest teachers of all being the beautiful souls beside in Hospice. My ordination promise is to serve God’s love in it’s infinite spectrum. That is why my commitment to your love-story is a necessity to your authentic ceremony.

Love is the most important choice in any given moment. The moment of your marriage is the most sacred of all. You become family, growing the new branch of your merged family trees. When I build a ceremony with you, the elements of your personal story are an essential to what becomes the “living-truth” of that collective moment. Every precious soul in attendance is valued, participating, honored, most especially your families. I do not do the old classic “Dearly Beloved” format. The beauty present is too valuable.

Certainly I have my own style of officiating, but the ceremony is uniquely yours.
It has to be. This requires a long meeting together;¦ lots of fun; no pressure on you! All ideas are welcome to the table. I have great resources to assist and inspire your choices;once again, no pressure! I tell my couples; “Your ceremony is already written on your hearts. It’s up to me to pull the threads of your story, and go home to weave the tapestry of what your ceremony will become. Only the actual moment itself, will truly define the divine living-truth of your love.” Personally, I believe there are no coincidences when we connect. It is a great honor to serve your love, and a privilege to stand with you on that sacred threshold as you become family; it is the greatest thing we do in our human walk!

Click this link to find Reverend Victoria Burdick, M. Div Hospice Chaplain’s website

Storytelling in Summer Camp Settings

Brother Wolf telling stories at Free Spirit Nature Camp as camp storytelling.

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Interview #009 Kate Fox, Ellyce Cavanaugh & Zayanne Thompson
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Camp directors talking about storytelling with children at camp.

Post written by Zayanne Thompson, Ellyce Cavanough and Kate Fox. These camp directors.
How have you used storytelling in camp settings?
Zay Thompson Answers -
Stories are a natural for camps. Camps offers an opportunity to create a meaningful and memorable connection to the outdoor environment. Educational research suggests that this connection to the outdoors creates a highly charged environment that facilitates learning. This emotional value of the camp experience opens the gateway for Read more »

Manitonquat (Medicine Story) – The Power of Myth

Manitonquat (Medicine Story) and his wife in New Hampshire at a storytelling retreat.

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Interview #003 Medicine Story
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The power of Mythology with Children.

Selections from the book RETURN TO CREATION, by Manitonquat (Medicine Story):
(Reprinted with permission.)

What we need to investigate and learn together is healing. In a time of great sickness nothing else should concern us. Healing the earth, healing society, healing our communities, healing ourselves. To paraphrase a saying, if we are not part of the medicine, we are part of the disease.

You have come to the circle which this book represents to hear me speak. Perhaps you wish to learn something about Native American healing from a medicine man. Maybe you wish to experience a healing yourself. Well, I hope you do learn something, and I hope you get in touch with the spirit of healing. I must tell you, however, that the healing power for you is only within you. A medicine person’s real job, whether it be with a ritual, with herbs, with steam or water, with song or dance or with story – whatever the medicine, the real work is to convince you of your own healing power. That is the healing power of Creation which is within each of us.

Sickness of any kind is a dissonance in the harmony of nature, a noisy intrusion into the Song of Creation. A certain amount of dissonance and conflict is expected and desirable. They are a spur to consciousness. Our most essential teachers are Read more » | WordPress Themes