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Romanian Storytelling Camp

Editors note: The following post was written and submitted too me for the blog after regular listener Mihaela Blaga, a librarian from Romania, wrote me a very nice email describing her work and her success using storytelling as the focus of a retreat in her native county. B. W.


Hi Eric and readers of the Art of Storytelling Blog,

For me this first storytelling camp was a wonderful experience and also a dream that became reality…..
I decided to have a really entertaining program for this camp, so that it would be special for the children, a really story camp. We had trips, stories, fire camp, parties and of course we played a lot with the sleighs in the snow.
During the three days of camp, we had four storytelling workshops.

I started the “program of stories” with a beautiful one about forgiveness and about what it means to have a good heart full of love and friendship instead of hate or anger, and so, I gave a Read more » | WordPress Themes