K. Sean Buvala talks about telling to Teenagers and Tweens on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf

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K. Sean Buvala writes
My techniques to facilitate storytelling with adolescent boys.

It might be difficult to understand the benefit of storytelling to adolescent boys if the unique nature and difference of the teller’s art is not understood. Storytelling to this population requires some specific techniques.

1. Make storytelling presentations without precursor, introduction or warning. I refer to this technique as “stealth” storytelling. In other words, announcing that “we are going to have a story” may result in the audience of boys turning off their ability to listen. My stories to a group of boys just begin with little or no framing or introduction. To begin by saying, “I almost ran a drunk over in the parking lot last night” has much more power than, “Let me tell you a story that I think will help you…”

2. Tell personal, true tales. Boys benefit by hearing how adult men (and women) have handled the “shadow” or difficult Read the rest of this entry »

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