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When Cats Could Fly playing in the Indianapolis Fringe Festival


“When Cats Could Fly…” is a family comedy event. A dyslexic childhood in New York City has given Eric Wolf a rich tapestry of warm funny family stories (fact and fiction) to draw upon for your entire family’s amusement. (Ages 9 to 99) This show has a empowering effect on parents of dyslexic children, dyslexic students and other students who have learning struggles. Eric Wolf will be performing “When Cats Could Fly…” at the local Cook Theater as a part of the Indianapolis Fringe festival. Read more »

Brother Wolf’s Storytelling Summer Intensive and Workshops in Yellow Springs, Ohio.


Eric Wolf, known in the storytelling community as Brother Wolf, will lead a Summer Storytelling Intensive and Workshops June 3–7, 2011 in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Designed for storytellers at all levels of ability, each day will offer workshops that focus on attitude, skills, or business aspects of storytelling. Participants can choose to attend for part or all of a day, several days, or the entire five days. Read more »

The Secrets of the Storytelling Profession

Over at the International Storytelling School I have been busy building a catalog of answers to the most interesting questions on the Art of Storytelling.

Most of the answers are private, available only to people who join the International Storytelling School as audience members for a donation of $15 a month. There donations have paid for new recording equipment and various other handy items that allow me to bring you the Art of Storytelling Podcast and Blog. Perhaps you would consider becoming a member and supporting the production of this show for pennies a day….

Here are a list of all the answers I have been laying out on the school website… Read more »

Art of Storytelling Show iPhone Application Released!

Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Show iPhone Application It’s official – the iPhone application has been released for Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Show.

Many iPhone listeners of this show have complained that they can not listen to the back catalog (Shows 1 through 60). But now via this iPhone application they can listen to every episode that previously was only available on the website. Over one hundred hours of information and interviews on venerable art of storytelling.

You can purchase this iPhone application in the iTunes store here.

If you purchase this application please review it in the iTunes Store. I will add published reviews in the iTunes Application Store to this post here – Read more »

Brother Wolf: An Interview by Stephanie Benger

Audience SB: When did you first start podcasting your show “The Art of Storytelling”?

BW: I started that podcast in April of 2007.

SB: And you’ve done over a hundred, haven’t you?

BW: There are 103 online, with 17 more waiting to be uploaded.

SB: And is it mostly an American audience?

BW: I view the podcast as an International project. 44% of my audience is overseas. I’ve been working really hard to connect with international potential audience when they’re in the United States.

Read more »

PR- Brother Wolf to receive Oracle Award for work on the Art of Storytelling Show.

Eric Wolf has been selected to receive an Oracle Award for Distinguished National Service to the storytelling community by the National Storytelling Network.

Eric James Wolf Eric Wolf (Brother Wolf) will be presented with the Oracle Award in recognition of his work as producer and host of the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Show during the last evening of the National Storytelling Conference on July 31st, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. The National Storytelling Network (NSN) gives the Oracle Award for Distinguished National Service to individuals who contribute their time and energy in an exemplary manner on the national level.

The National Storytelling Network is dedicated to advancing the art of storytelling – as a performing art, a literacy tool, a cultural transformation process, and Read more »

Fairytales Forever Storytelling Series – Six hours of Storytelling…

Fairytales Forever

Brother Wolf will perform his storytelling epic over a six week period at Pass It on Kids starting on Wednesday, the 21st of April.

The first six hours of Brother Wolf’s seven hours of the storytelling epic, “Fairy tales Forever,”will be performed at Pass it On Kid’s over the next six Wednesdays starting on the 21st of April at 3:15 PM. Each performance is one hour long.

Fairy tales Forever is a continuous oral narrative modeled after 1001 Arabian nights where one story ties together a range of traditional fairy tales. In this case the stories are inspired by the modern European Fairy tales, the Brothers Grimm and many other well traveled stories. Brother Wolf (Eric Wolf) has been working on this series of stories for the past fifteen years. Read more »

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