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Kentucky Folktales Given New Life

Mary Hamiliton Kentucky Folktales
By Mary Hamilton
You can buy the book directly form Mary
Published by University Press of Kentucky
Also available on Amazon.

Book Review By Linda Goodman

Reading Mary Hamilton’s new book, Kentucky Folktales, is like taking a storytelling master class that leaves you with its full text instead of sketchy notes and skimpy handouts. Through the use of scary tales, tall tales, folktales, and family tales Hamilton sheds light on such issues as fear, parental neglect and abuse, healthcare, hunting, war, kingly challenges, smart women, and raising babies.

Each tale is followed by a commentary that relates Hamilton’s sources for her tales and notes on how she adapted them for her own storytelling performances. Most of the stories are also followed by the script of one of the original tales, making comparisons and detail mentioned in the commentary easy to follow. Read more »

The Gift and the Curse

Death in a Cemetary Recently I told a friend of mine that I thought the environmental movement was using scare tactics too much and was too depressing in its arguments. He replied that it may be true about the fear, but he didn’t think the environmental community was depressing enough.

There is a story that a human life is like a man riding a donkey with a tiger walking behind him. The man lives in fear of the tiger. Sometimes he goes faster, sometimes he goes slower. Sometimes he looks and feels more. Sometimes he goes to sleep on the donkey. The man is always afraid that if he turns and looks at the tiger too closely the tiger will eat him. But the truth is the tiger does not care whether the man looks or not. Death waits for us all – while walking right behind our shoulders.

This denial of death, allowing us to Read more »

Tejumola Ologboni – Walking the Talk with Street Storytelling.

Press Press Play to hear Brother Wolf speak with Tejumola Ologboni on Walking the Talk with Street Storytelling.

Press Play to hear Brother Wolf speak with Tejumola Ologboni on Walking the Talk with Street Storytelling.

Tejumola Ologboni – Walking the Talk with Street Storytelling

A little more on the Artist…

Teju of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a master storyteller and folklorist of international renown. He draws listeners into stories with gestures and movements, and sometimes with music made on traditional Africa instruments. Some of his stories are filled with Read more »

Brother Wolf: An Interview by Stephanie Benger

Audience SB: When did you first start podcasting your show “The Art of Storytelling”?

BW: I started that podcast in April of 2007.

SB: And you’ve done over a hundred, haven’t you?

BW: There are 103 online, with 17 more waiting to be uploaded.

SB: And is it mostly an American audience?

BW: I view the podcast as an International project. 44% of my audience is overseas. I’ve been working really hard to connect with international potential audience when they’re in the United States.

Read more »

David Ambrose and the Beyond The Border International Storytelling Festival of Wales.

Press Play to hear Brother Wolf speak with David Ambrose on the foundation and running of the International Storytelling Festival of Wales.

Press Play to hear Brother Wolf speak with David Ambrose on the foundation and running of the International Storytelling Festival of Wales.

Beyond The Border2

Picture a fairytale castle perched on a cliff-top on the romantic Welsh coast; at the foot of the castle, a medieval jousting field, fringed by woodland, the tower of an ancient Saxon church rising above the trees. Terraced gardens slope gently down from the castle to the sea. In every garden, there is a tent. And in every tent, a storyteller….

This is St Donats Castle, the setting for Beyond The Border Wales International Storytelling Festival, which I set up with the help and encouragement of leading UK storyteller Ben Haggarty in 1993. Ever since then, BTB has been dedicated to exploring and celebrating the world’s rich heritage of oral tradition, bringing to Wales an unparalleled selection of storytellers, Read more »

Last Words of an African Griot – Sotigui Kouyate

The best part of this report is half way in… but worth watching…

Here is quote from the man in 1993…
Do you feel you’re carrying a message from Africa?
Let’s be modest. Africa is vast, and it would be pretentious to speak in its name. I’m fighting the battle with words because I’m a storyteller, a griot. Rightly or wrongly, they call us masters of the spoken word. Our duty is to encourage the West to appreciate Africa more. It’s also true that many Africans don’t really know their own continent. And if you forget your culture, you lose sight of yourself. It is said that “the day you no longer know where you’re going, just remember where you came from.” Our strength lies in our culture. Everything I do as a storyteller, a griot, stems from this rooting and openness.

From Sotigui Kouyaté : The wise man of the stage Interview by Cynthia Guttman, UNESCO Courier journalist

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