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Bedtime Stories from Brother Wolf Youtube Channel

Been working on these stories a while – I hope you enjoy this storytelling.

Eric Wolf

Bedtime Stories with Brother Wolf Episode #1

Yes I know I have to many ongoing projects – but I just not excited by them anymore… so lets role the dice together and see what happens…

This is the Story of Grandfather Rock as told bt he New England Native People…

If you are a regular youtube watcher please take a moment to go to the site and like the video – thanks!

“When Cats Could Fly…” Indy Fringe show for families awarded 5 stars for kids by Nuvo News

Reviewer Scott Shoger of Nuvo News awards 5 stars out of 5 for child audiences to the Indy Fringe Show “When Cats Could Fly…” This show by storyteller Brother Wolf will be opening three more times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

Scott Shoger of Nuvo News Writes… “Cats could fly back during Brother Wolf’s New York City childhood, a time when Roman Candles were subbed out for real ones on birthday cakes– and when sleds could fly too, right down an icy hill into eight lanes of traffic (and that’s how Wolf got his first speeding ticket, at age 9). With his ability to bring to life eccentric characters like a WWI vet and Vodou priestess, Wolf is the kind of gentle, playful, imaginative storyteller you loved to sit before, Indian-style, back in your youth.” Published in Nuvo News – Wednesday, August 24, 2011 Read more »

When Cats Could Fly playing in the Indianapolis Fringe Festival


“When Cats Could Fly…” is a family comedy event. A dyslexic childhood in New York City has given Eric Wolf a rich tapestry of warm funny family stories (fact and fiction) to draw upon for your entire family’s amusement. (Ages 9 to 99) This show has a empowering effect on parents of dyslexic children, dyslexic students and other students who have learning struggles. Eric Wolf will be performing “When Cats Could Fly…” at the local Cook Theater as a part of the Indianapolis Fringe festival. Read more »

11 Books that every Grade School Classroom should have to read aloud to children…

Recently I was asked again what books I recommend for a school age. They asked me for a detailed list of books hmmm What follows is the 11 anthologies that I would suggest for classroom use – These books are not just for teacher or students. I will return to a picture book selection next week. – These are all amazing collections of stories form around the world that every teacher should have at there fingertips.
Read more »

Rachel Hedman – Child Storytellers Speak Out: What They Wish Adults Knew

Rachel Hedman spoke about working with storytelling and children.

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Child tellers speak out: what they wish adults knew.

One of the most touching storytelling interviews I have done to date. I love the passion in Rachel’s voice and storytelling as she tells the story of Black socks. I hope you are inspired in your work with child storytellers.

——-Rachel writes…
Child tellers often have silent wishes regardless if they attend elementary, middle, or high school. When given the chance to speak, these are the top three wishes:

1. Wish to meet other child tellers
2. Wish to have friends rather than coaches
3. Wish to be leaders

Perhaps you will be the one to help grant these wishes.

Wish to meet other child tellers
Children are lucky if they attend a school that has a storytelling club. Sometimes “storytelling club” comes under such guises as 4H groups, Forensics (public-speaking contests), or theatre. Storytelling may not be the pure focus of these Read more »

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