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Bringing Storytelling to Mainstream Audiences

Bringing Storytelling to Mainstream Audiences

Hi Friend,

Surprise! I am happy to say that rumor of my demise are happily exaggerated.

This summer my dear friend, Hawaiian Storyteller and master festival organizer, Jeff Gere and I (Brother Wolf) are doing a micro tour from Ashville, NC to Yellow Springs, OH. I would like to invite you to attend our workshop on Marketing and Storytelling, Bringing Storytelling to Mainstream Audiences.

You can attend it in person or you can purchase a recording of it.
The amazing Cynthia Changaris is hosting the workshop in her house on August 13th from Noon to 3 PM and we’ve got room for a few qualified, serious performers to learn how to successfully connect their hard-won material with American audiences. Call Me – Eric Wolf – if you can attend in person (937) 767-8696

Workshop Story – Bringing Storytelling to Mainstream Audiences

In this workshop Jeff & Eric will assume that you have the technical ability to create amazing performances and that you are seeking to be recognized for your great storytelling. We will present to you how you can create shows that will sell out night after night. OK, not every night. But we promise you a filled house on at least half your nights if you follow our advice. More to the point we have done it and we will show you how you can too. Jeff & Eric will not agree on every point, but we do agree that storytelling can rock the world—if you let it and if you are willing to do the work to understand how you can fulfill the needs of your audience. Act on our suggestions and they will love you!

The workshop is $50. If you want to come or know any storytellers in the area tell them about it. But, honestly, we just like to talk, and if you are going to drive yourself there and are willing to give us $5 who are we to say no? This is one of those magic moments when stars collide and world changes for the better.
Again call Me – Eric Wolf – if you can attend in person (937) 767-8696.

Thanks – but I am not driving to Louisville, KY that’s a long way!

Now I know you’re thinking that you can’t drive or fly all the way to Louisville, KY for a one-day workshop. Heck, 95% of the people receiving this email can’t drive to Louisville, Kentucky and half of those can’t get off work to drive anywhere. Many of you are going to the National Storytelling Conference in the beginning of August, leaving me to convince 2% that they should come.

What if I recorded it and you just stayed home and listened to it? Read more »

How do we Succeed in bringing Storytelling to Audiences?

Recently I asked the question on Facebook and elsewhere are you comfortable using the word theatre to sell storytelling events? I liked Mary Grace’s reply and I invite you to think deeply about her application of these ideas. Brother Wolf

Mary Grace Ketner writes…
Marygrace2I would not use the word “theatre” itself, but I often use other terms related to theatre, such as “performance” or “stage.” I fear that if a person comes in expecting lights and costumes, it will take them some real readjustment time to appreciate what is actually going on in a room where one person, dressed pretty much like everyone else, is standing up and holding a microphone. And there may not be enough “readjustment time” for that, anyway. What I like about opera, for example, is the set and costumes and drama. 4 people standing there singing in Italian doesn’t usually do it for me, and 10 or 15 minutes is enough of that. Others have also mentioned the misleading expectation of a particular repeated script (perhaps a famous, well-traveled one that can be compared with a version one’s friends saw or that one has seen before) and the fourth wall: actors talking to each other as though no one were watching, the audience as peeping Tom.

In preparing storytelling programs, even something like a local Tellabration!, I have found that many storytellers do not like to Read more »

Walking Away from Success…

Picture for Storytellers

The Question that we must ask ourselves is if storytelling is so amazing why are more storytelling events not filled with sold out venues?

In today’s internet based world - community, human connection and personal narrative are highly valued and desperately needed in the United States. Modern performers who can successfully and repeatedly bring these values to the stage are loved by audiences everywhere. All of these values are part of a successful storytelling event

Inside the community of storytellers we use the word storytelling to describe what we do. I would suggest that the use of this word “Storytelling” to sell our art form to potential audiences of 1st time attendees outside of our community is both counterproductive and self-sabotaging. Successful storytelling is many things – Read more »

Tim Ereneta – Bringing Storytelling to the Fringe.

Press Play to hear Storyteller Tim Ereneta talks about how he brought Storytelling to the Fringe on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf.

Press Play to hear Storyteller Tim Ereneta talks about how he brought Storytelling to the Fringe on the Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf.

Storyteller Tim Ereneta storytelling Prince Charming

Tim Erenta writes…
Here’s the best thing about a storytelling performance in a Fringe Festival: I don’t have to wait to be discovered. I don’t have to worry about offending my host with my material. The stories that I want to tell, whether they are sacred or profane, personal or traditional: it’s all up to me. I get to decide what I want to put onstage. Such artistic freedom is exhilarating.

Here’s the worst thing about storytelling performance in a Fringe Festival: the audience gets to decide what show they want to see. The stories that I want to tell: there is no guarantee that audiences will want to hear them.

The challenge, then, is to connect to Read more »

Katharine Hansen – A Storied Career Blog (Part A)

Katharine Hansen
Bio: Katharine (Kathy) Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator
, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits its newsletter QuintZine, and blogs about storytelling at A Storied Career. Kathy, who earned her PhD from Union Institute & University authored Tell Me About Yourself (April 2009), Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates, A Foot in the Door, Top Notch Executive Interviews (fall 2009), Top Notch Executive Resumes; and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills.

1.What is Storytelling? and why are you interested in it?

I am among the storytelling fans who do not like to be boxed in by a specific definition of “story” or “storytelling.” I’ve found in the more than 57 interviews I’ve conducted with storytelling practitioners that most of them, perhaps surprisingly, prefer not to define “storytelling.” (However, a few feel a strict definition is vitally important.) Of the definitions offered by the practitioners who prefer to define story/storytelling, I’ve liked some more than others. One of my favorites is: “Story is context.”

I think I have been interested in storytelling for most of my life, but I didn’t really recognize the passion until I began my Read more »

Using the Google Story Tool

Can you tell a story in seven lines – I took the challenge tell me what you think?

My interest here is how we as artists can use this tool to represent our ideas and vision.

One of Googles media reps invited me to work on this tool and in all Read more »

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