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Forget Your Resolutions; Track Your Future – Narrative Therapy Style.

New Years Eve Party after effects.I have watched the ceremony of the resolutions come and go through the years. I have done it – made a list of resolutions that I can stick to! Rarely has any of those resolutions lasted more than a month. In my opinion this ceremony serves two purposes – 1) It causes us to lose sight of our past successes and 2) It brings to the forefront the isolation we feel in our failure to keep our written goals. In short this ceremony appears to leave us powerless in the face of the many hidden traditions and cultural assumptions of western culture.

What traditions and cultural assumptions of western culture do I speak of? Why the most insidious and sneaky ones of course – that of guilt, shame, fear, blame, anger, individualism, silence and many more… Each of these problems has a long history with the Ceremony of the Resolutions and each knows just what to do to derail any serious attempt to shake up their rule of our lives, our families’ lives and our cultural narratives.

As a narrative therapist I see it all the time. People love the idea – the resolution they reach for and they fail. Without the foundation they tumble and fall back into the sticky, sneaky ways of the problems. How do you find a new direction without setting yourself up for failure? Well it’s really simple – just notice that your already doing it.

Your future has already arrived in the present moment. Instead of creating a list of things you want to accomplish in the future, create a list of ways you are already accomplishing and some of things you want to do in the future. Say what? I mean it – sit down and try it right now.

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The Secrets of the Storytelling Profession

Over at the International Storytelling School I have been busy building a catalog of answers to the most interesting questions on the Art of Storytelling.

Most of the answers are private, available only to people who join the International Storytelling School as audience members for a donation of $15 a month. There donations have paid for new recording equipment and various other handy items that allow me to bring you the Art of Storytelling Podcast and Blog. Perhaps you would consider becoming a member and supporting the production of this show for pennies a day….

Here are a list of all the answers I have been laying out on the school website… Read more »

Launching Applied Storytelling


Today I am proud to share with you my new project – Applied Storytelling a seven minute weekly podcast examining every aspect of the application of storytelling in life, business and culture.

Any listener is welcome to suggest a question that I (Eric Wolf) will endeavor to answer to the best of my ability. Any question on the application to storytelling will be answered – if I do not know the answer I will find some one else who does know the answer.

This project will publish weekly but only the first of episode published each month. The other three episodes produced each month will publish inside the members only section of the International Storytelling School’s Website. You can read more about the School at

The free episodes in will appear as a separate feed and as a part of the Art of Storytelling Show’s feed as well.

The transcript and audio of the first show are available here –

Katharine Hansen, PhD – A Storied Career Blog (Part B)

This is the 2nd of two posts about her… to read the first go here….

Katharine Hansen
Bio: Katharine (Kathy) Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator
, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits its newsletter QuintZine, and blogs about storytelling at A Storied Career. Kathy, who earned her PhD from Union Institute & University authored Tell Me About Yourself (April 2009), Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates, A Foot in the Door, Top Notch Executive Interviews (fall 2009), Top Notch Executive Resumes; and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills.

4. How do you describe the benefits of storytelling to other people in the business world?

I call upon the gurus who evangelized storytelling long before I did — people like Annette Simmons and Steve Denning and others, early pioneers who wrote books that have become the foundation for current business narrative/organizational storytelling.

Simmons characterizes the effectiveness of stories in business in her landmark book, The Story Factor (Chapters 2 and 5): Read more »

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