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Civil War Show

One hundred and forty years ago during the Civil War my great grand uncles faced each other across the field of battle. I have worked hard to represent my uncles perspectives on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I specialize in telling the true-life adventures of my relatives who fought for what they believed.

I am Eric James Wolf and I teach history, culture and peace through storytelling about the American Civil War. I am here to be your guide in exploring the mysteries of North American history. I am located in Yellow Springs, Ohio and perform throughout the United States. I have been telling stories in homes, churches, museums, storytelling festivals, nursing homes and schools for the last twelve years. I have extensive experience in working with children and young adults.

The show most asked for is the…

Echoes of Glory, Shades of Pain.

This forty-five minute storytelling presentation gives an overview of the major issues in the Civil War. Jacob Alkire and James Hoffman each tell his story as a personal recollection. This presentation is designed to support the learning goals as outlined in the Ohio Department of Education 8th grade through 12th grade standards for the Civil War. During the presentation the storyteller asks the audience leading questions that help the audience to connect yesterday to the current day.

or you could do the…

The War Rally

Invite my two great-granduncles to visit your school and convince your students to join their respective sides. They will use historical facts and figures to attempt to convince your students that their cause is just and worthy of the support. At the end of the performance, the audience will vote on how they would participate.

The Two Perspectives

The Confederate Cause – A just war for independence from the economic tyranny of the whole country. The Confederates fought to keep true to the idea that each state has its own sovereignty and rights as defined by the Constitution. They also fought to protect their homes, families, and economic futures from the “Yankee” invasion.

The Union Cause – A war for the freedom of the slaves and to prevent the fracturing of America, to keep the states united. Many Union soldiers fought to protect the national interest of the USA as they saw it.

or you could do the…

Civil War Musical Festival

Bring the music and stories of the American Civil War to your school. I will locate a Civil War – era band of musicians in your area and work with them to accompany my storytelling in an educational format that will bring the Civil War era alive for your students.

Stories and music presented side by side are very effective in creating an atmosphere for learning. We used to have musicals, and before that, traveling road shows. Let me bring this old-fashioned musical and storytelling extravaganza to your school. Bring the past alive!

Download one page study guide.
Download ten page study guide by the Cincinnati Arts Association

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RE: Eric Wolf


This letter is to convey my appreciation and recommendation of Eric Wolf, storyteller, who made two presentations at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center as a part of the 2004 Civil War Encampment. He gave a personal touch to the history of the Civil War by a first-person rendering of his own relatives, who happened to serve on opposite sides of that war. By changing uniforms and discussing issues that caused men to join armies in the first place, he dramatically caused all in the audience to think of the more personal side of soldiers lives.

As I listened to his stories, and the clever way he changed uniforms and identification. I was amazed at the attention of the audience. Both senior citizens and young children were caught up in his performance and learned the more everyday issues of the Civil War.

Eric Wolf made an effective, interesting and educational presentation that I highly recommend to any audience-especially school groups.


Thomas M Hoffert
Lt. Colonel (Ret) U.S. Army
Member, Board Trustees

Spiegel Grove, Fremont Ohio 43420-2796 (419) 332-2081
Fax (419) 332-4952 1-800-998-7737

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To whom this may concern:

Today Eric Wolf performed/told stories in my class. My students are labeled as emotionally disturbed and are in 8th grade. They have normal intellectual ability, yet their attention span is often quite limited. Eric was able to engage them in an exciting and educational experience. They all are now much more interested in studying history due to his show! Eric even helped them to relate history to current events. Eric used several techniques to interest my usually distracted students. Most importantly he conveyed a caring and respectful attitude towards every individual.

He obviously adapted his show to draw his diverse audience in. The costumes and props were authentic and colorful. Overall, Eric Wolf is an asset to any educational establishment. In my 18 years of teaching I’ve come to realize that inspiring students is the first step to helping them be successful. Eric has helped me tremendously to do this in the one hour he spent with us today.

Neil A. Silvert
special educator
Greene County Learning Center
360 East Enon Rd.
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

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  • #1 by Russ at November 16th, 2012

    | Quote

    I’m new to storytelling. I would like to begin “telling” in my community.

    I am also an artist. I remember as a child (early 60’s) we had a local children’s program where the host (a storyteller and artist) would draw while he told his stories on the air. Each story would have a unique drawing to accompany it. There is no programming like this these days as most broadcast TV is national network programming.

    Anyway, my idea is to do something similar today. With a big sketch pad, document video camera, digital projector, and portable roll-up movie screen, I would create my drawings as my stories unfolded. I would project the drawing onto the movie screen so that my audience (even those in the back) could see the drawing develop along with my story.

    I would like to know if you see any pitfalls in such a performance. Any advice to share? I welcome your feedback.

    In the meantime, I appreciate your valuable time and kind assistance.

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