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School Contract Details

Contract Details

TO: Assembly Coordinator
FROM: Eric James Wolf
RE: Assembly Program
Thank you for interest in my Folk Tales as an educational opportunity for your children. The following reminders will help ensure an enjoyable assembly experience for both the audience and the performer.

1. The performance area.
I provide my own sound system. Please arrange to have the performance area cleared of student activity twenty minutes in advance of the scheduled start time so we may set up our sound system. If the performance is to be held in the gym, I will need an activity-free environment beginning twenty minutes before show time. If possible, please turn off the school bells in the performance area during the storytelling.

The provision of the following will be greatly appreciated.
One small table
One chair – (Folding Chair fine if well built).
An extension cord (If nearest outlet is more then twenty feet away).
2. Study Guide.
Study guides are sent several weeks in advance of the program. Please distribute to teachers of students who will be viewing the program. Please make sure that the students understand the basic material in the study guide. This will take about 2 hours spread over several days. If students have some exposure to the study guide their experience during the program will be greatly enriched.

3. Time Considerations.
It is critical that the assembly start on time to allow for a full program. Due to a tight schedule the program must end forty five minutes after the scheduled time

4. School Bells.
Please have school bells turned off in the performance facility during the assembly if your bell system allows.

5. Payment.
Please make payment on the day of the performance unless we have agreed on other arrangements in advance.

6. Seating arrangement.
I would prefer not to use a stage. Typically I stand on the floor about six feet out from the wall. The first row of students should be seated on the floor (no chairs or bleachers, please) approximately six feet back from the loudspeakers. The youngest students should be in the first row, the oldest students in the back. Please arrange for chairs to be set up for teachers on the outside aisles. If your audiance is less then one hundred people I woudl recommend creating a space in your library or another carpeted space.

Download a PDF of the Contract Details.

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