Valentines Day Love Stories…

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Recently I asked the storytell listserv a resource provided by the National Storytelling Network a simple question -When I say LOVE – what story, myth, fable or fairy tale first comes to mind?

Below are all the responses that I got to my question…

Beverly Nelson Comer Cinderella was the first story to come to my mind.
Carolyn Stearns Cinderella, I even make conversational references like home before my coach became a pumpkin
Brian Fox Ellis Baucus and Philomen, the Greek myth I most often perform at weddings!
Liz Nichols I’m kind of an anti-sentimentalist, so I like the myth of Artemis and Orion – it doesn’t have a happy ending – especially because Orion is clearly visible in the sky in February.
Carol Connolly The Blue Rose
.Tim Sheppard Tristan and Isolde
Mark Goldman The FIRST one I thought of was actually one I wrote: The Princess and the Storyteller Frog
Ellie Shinham Venus & Adonis
Yvonne Healy Midir & Etain …and Robin & Yvonne
Susanna Connelly Holstein Always the Twelve Swans. Always.
Julie Moss Herrera Margaret the Brave and the Bold (that’s my title for it)
Megan Hicks “The Bob Mapplethorpe Memorial Condom Wallet.” Jack and I celebrate our anniversary on Valentine’s Day…so how can this not be the story I think of?
Sheila Arnold LOVE: “Simon and Susannah”, African-American folktale & “Little Johnny Eight Spot”.
Rafe Martin I’m with Yvonne — Midir & Etain. The ultimate love story.
Sean Buvala “Ethna the Bride”
Glenda Bonin The Cherokee story called “Strawberries.”
Mary Grace Ketner The Lute Player
Robert Smith “Salt”, The Ur Story for King Lear.
Linda Goodman Deidre of the Sorrows
Carol Connolly Mary Grace Ketner, how could I have forgotten the Lute Player? I just told it 2 weeks ago.
Judith Jones O Henry – The Gift of the Magi
Camille Born The Peddlar of Swaffham, but that’s because I use it to lead into a story about my husband, me and my 30 year dream of getting an engagement ring and a real proposal. Second story: TamLin.
Karen Langford Chace Three is the magic number for me. Tam Lin, The Lute Player and also The Queen Who Longed for Snow.

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