Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs by Willy Claflin

rapunzel and the 7 dwarfs fractured fairytale

(This review contains plot spoilers)

Sometimes a children’s picture book comes along that is destined to greatness, a children’s book that will redefine children’s books
for the next generation, a book that every child should own – required reading in every college class on writing for children. This is not that book.

This is the sort book you really want to have on hand for those children who have heard all the stories. You know that type. They sit in there smug little beds demanding that you share with them a new story every night. While a professional storyteller may consider such a dare a challenge; I can see how it might be intimidating for the average parent to come up with new fractured fairytales night after night.

“Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs” by Willy Claflin is your answer to the child who has heard all the stories. The illustrations by James Stimson are amazing, swift and modern. This children’s picture book lands directly in the land of fractured fairytales. A land populated by many ugly and beautiful relatives of stories we know and love.

This is a fractured fairytale as only Moose can tell it. (The Moose gets the girl – just so you know.) There is a language guide to Moose for those of you who may not have the in built imaginary guidance system to handle the Moose Native phrases. This book is required reading for any fans of Maynard the Moose. If you are not a fan of Maynard you will become one – because Maynard’s voice is available on a CD just under the book jacket on the inside cover.

Here is a quick review of the review. If your a fan of Maynard – buy this book. If you’re a fan of fractured fairytales – buy this book. If you have a child that has heard every story under the sun and loves to look at the pictures as you read them the stories – buy this book. This book is the American storytelling revivals answer to Disney.

I don’t really write reviews. If you want your material to be reviewed on this blog the best way to do that is ask somebody else to write you a review and then forward me a copy and I will publish it. Don’t get any ideas as I do not write reviews. I only wrote this one because Maynard the Moose is a fan of the show and I liked the book.


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