Using the Google Story Tool

Can you tell a story in seven lines – I took the challenge tell me what you think?

My interest here is how we as artists can use this tool to represent our ideas and vision.

One of Googles media reps invited me to work on this tool and in all fairness and honesty I did so because – hey when was the last time somebody from google asked you to personally to try something out?
Here is his form/personal letter in full –

My name is Mike, I’m a digital Marketing consultant that works with Horizon Media. I enjoyed the site. I really liked your “learn to lie like a pro” article. Your five story telling techniques are very interesting.

I’m reaching out to you today about Google’s new Search Story campaign. You may remember Google¹s Parisian Love ad that aired during the 2010 Super Bowl ­ .This was Google¹s first Super Bowl ad, and the response was so positive, that Google decided to share this
opportunity with all of its users. (I have actually seen this video – I watched it three times and then spend the afternoon trying to figure out how I could it on my computer…)

Google¹s brand new Search Stories tool has gone live earlier this week. You can check the below blog posting to read more about it ( This tool allows you to create and publish your own personalized Search Story that you can share with your readers, fans and friends. It’s a wonderful and fun way to express yourself and very quick and easy to use! To view the Search Stories Creator template, and build your own story, please visit the YouTube channel @

You can also reference the below link on how to create your own search story on youtuber.

If you could check out the tool, create your own story and post on your site that would be greatly appreciated. If you could encourage your readers to do the same and share with their friends and family that would also be a huge help. Lastly, if you could let me know when you do create your own search story that would be great because I would love to see and read all about it.

One last thing I wanted to mention was that many videos that stand out as creative and fun will be posted on the official YouTube Search Stories Channel. In order to meet those requirements, you must publish a story that meets Google¹s terms and conditions, which you can find on the Terms and Conditions page of the You Tube Search Stories Channel ( Thanks a lot and I look
forward to seeing what you create and publish on your site.

Thank you!



In keeping with recent FTC rule changes, we request that you provide full disclosure to your audience in regards to your relationship with our brand. Please make clear that you were contacted directly by Google, who asked for your participation in the ways outlined above. In addition, please disclose fully any materials and/or products we have shared with you as part of this initiative. Your honest and transparent participation is truly valued by Google. We look forward to working with you again on future initiatives.


Additionally a couple of my readers have created there own – maybe they will inspire you…

Marilyn McPhie in San Diego wrote…
I also have done a cute little Google Search Story. It tells the Scottish folktale of “Tam Lin.” Do you know that story? Here’s the plot: and here’s my Google Search story:

I am willing to post other peoples reactions – so check back to see if this post has gotten longer…
Also feel free to comment directly in the comments below…


  • By Brighter Scribe, April 16, 2010 @ 8:15 pm

    Thanks so much for this post! I got your links from Rosie Reay. I am very excited to start reading your blog regularly. I also made my own Story called How To Train Your Rottweiler. I’ll be posting it to my blog later! I know I will be making more! Happy writing!
    Your Brighter Scribe :)

  • By Brighter Scribe, April 17, 2010 @ 3:06 am

    I just made my own story and posted it to my blog! It’s called “How To Train Your Rottweiler”. Check it out at and let me know what you think!

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