For Immediate Release
Press Release
Friday, November 30, 2007

Contact: Eric James Wolf
Phone: 937-767-8696

The Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf Podcast and Blog enters it’s second year. This Podcast is a national conversation from all perspectives on the profession of “storytelling” recorded as a conference call on Tuesdays at 8:00pm.

We serve all members of the “storytelling with children” portion of the storytelling movement including presenters, listeners, administrators, educators, parents, and storytellers.

If you’re not already on the email alert list, you must sign in by the Friday before the call to get the email that will give you the telephone number and access code.

If you wish to listen to the podcast, you can subscribe via iTunes or just listen on the website. Our listener base is still growing so spread the word about this great no-cost on-line program.

To join the list, go to and add your name to the community email list.

Sincerely Yours

Eric Wolf
A.K.A. Brother Wolf to thousands of children world-wide.