You thought the Money was Tight in Schools Before…


A recent article on on the amount of money available to public schools and the effect of the rescission suggests that public schools all around the country will be facing another round of budget cuts. If you are a professional storyteller who does a fair amount of work in schools – and there are a few of you left out there after the recession of 2007 – I thought you might appreciate this heads up. Read more »

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Brother Wolf

12 December, 2013
JackHamuman (Australia)
Wonderful resource and sense of community
Rating: 5 Stars

Thank you, Eric Wolf, for the opportunity to eavesdrop on your conversations with such remarkable people. It feels like being part of a conversation between master craftspeople, at the peak of their skill and talent. Spending some time in their company can only help to turn every listener into a better storyteller.

29 July, 2013
usdesi (United States of America)
I’m not even a storyteller
Rating: 5 Stars

But I love this podcast. I started listening for the stories, but stayed for the amazing insights that have enriched my life in all sorts of ways. So much practical information for people who want to start storytelling, too! Definitely try it out. Hope he comes back, in the meantime, I’m re-listening to back episodes.

15 July, 2011
GranolaGirl88 (United States of America)
Tim Tingle!
Rating: 4 Stars

Awesome! An interview with Tim Tingle!? He taught my Storytelling class for the University of Oklahoma’s travel study program in Santa Fe. I loved every minute of this trip with him as our captain. I am so looking forward to listening to this.

Read more »

Bill Lepp is at it again… Storyteller meet Reality – Reality meet Storyteller.

Photo Credit ABC NEWS
Photo Credit ABC NEWS
One of these two things is not like the other.
Photo Credit the Daily Mirror
Photo Credit The Daily Mirror

Dear National News Media,

I know that Justin Bieber is in danger of being deported and that that is critical, vital news, because he is a poor little rich kid who derives his power and status from your constant coverage of him and because all cable news shows seem to aspire to the journalistic greatness of People and US. I understand you guys need each other to thrive… but should that story become tiresome please remember that there are 300000 people in West Virginia who are still dealing with a water crisis. Read more…

Lyn Ford – Affrilachian Tales

AffrilachianTales What is your relationship to stories? I grew up in a home filled with other peoples stories. Yes my parents told me stories of their ill spent youth, but my family was poor in personal mythology or fables handed down from previous generations. Yes – I had Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs. I had piles of children books that my parents read to me, but my parents were poor in stories that they could pass on to me from my ancestors.

If I was poor then Lyn Ford was rich beyond description. In her book Affrilachian Tales she has chosen to share this wealth with the world. I can count the number of storytellers on one hand who tell stories on a daily basis that come from with in their family linage.

I am proud to count Lyn Ford among that select group of American storytellers who are telling stories on stage in front of audiences that they learned at a relatives knee at the age of six or seven.

Affrilachian Tales is a warm collection of Read more »

Bringing Storytelling to Mainstream Audiences

Bringing Storytelling to Mainstream Audiences

Hi Friend,

Surprise! I am happy to say that rumor of my demise are happily exaggerated.

This summer my dear friend, Hawaiian Storyteller and master festival organizer, Jeff Gere and I (Brother Wolf) are doing a micro tour from Ashville, NC to Yellow Springs, OH. I would like to invite you to attend our workshop on Marketing and Storytelling, Bringing Storytelling to Mainstream Audiences.

You can attend it in person or you can purchase a recording of it.
The amazing Cynthia Changaris is hosting the workshop in her house on August 13th from Noon to 3 PM and we’ve got room for a few qualified, serious performers to learn how to successfully connect their hard-won material with American audiences. Call Me – Eric Wolf – if you can attend in person (937) 767-8696

Workshop Story – Bringing Storytelling to Mainstream Audiences

In this workshop Jeff & Eric will assume that you have the technical ability to create amazing performances and that you are seeking to be recognized for your great storytelling. We will present to you how you can create shows that will sell out night after night. OK, not every night. But we promise you a filled house on at least half your nights if you follow our advice. More to the point we have done it and we will show you how you can too. Jeff & Eric will not agree on every point, but we do agree that storytelling can rock the world—if you let it and if you are willing to do the work to understand how you can fulfill the needs of your audience. Act on our suggestions and they will love you!

The workshop is $50. If you want to come or know any storytellers in the area tell them about it. But, honestly, we just like to talk, and if you are going to drive yourself there and are willing to give us $5 who are we to say no? This is one of those magic moments when stars collide and world changes for the better.
Again call Me – Eric Wolf – if you can attend in person (937) 767-8696.

Thanks – but I am not driving to Louisville, KY that’s a long way!

Now I know you’re thinking that you can’t drive or fly all the way to Louisville, KY for a one-day workshop. Heck, 95% of the people receiving this email can’t drive to Louisville, Kentucky and half of those can’t get off work to drive anywhere. Many of you are going to the National Storytelling Conference in the beginning of August, leaving me to convince 2% that they should come.

What if I recorded it and you just stayed home and listened to it? Read more »

Welcome to the Android Revolutionaries…

Hi – Welcome to the Art of Storytelling Show Website.

In the last few weeks for reasons unknown the smart phone users have begun to listen to the show in large numbers – if this is you please let us know how you found us on your smart phone or mobile device. Over a 80,000 downloads in the last thirty days alone. Compare that to last year with a total of 26,000 downloads and you see why we are a little excited to see what is happening here.

We have a lot of content on the site so feel free to look through our show archive to listen to past shows or you can see posts organized by topics.

If you are an smart phone user and you have found this website
- thanks for stopping in and joining us As you can tell the show is on hiatus for the next little while. If you want to help support the show be sure to join our email alert list in case we get active again or have special events.

All the Best

Brother Wolf

Kentucky Folktales Given New Life

Mary Hamiliton Kentucky Folktales
By Mary Hamilton
You can buy the book directly form Mary
Published by University Press of Kentucky
Also available on Amazon.

Book Review By Linda Goodman

Reading Mary Hamilton’s new book, Kentucky Folktales, is like taking a storytelling master class that leaves you with its full text instead of sketchy notes and skimpy handouts. Through the use of scary tales, tall tales, folktales, and family tales Hamilton sheds light on such issues as fear, parental neglect and abuse, healthcare, hunting, war, kingly challenges, smart women, and raising babies.

Each tale is followed by a commentary that relates Hamilton’s sources for her tales and notes on how she adapted them for her own storytelling performances. Most of the stories are also followed by the script of one of the original tales, making comparisons and detail mentioned in the commentary easy to follow. Read more »

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